Can the department of homeland security scam locked android phone/tablet with 0 itunes gift card or blocked computer/Mac book with 0 moneypak code? It appears I have received the cyber police virus which has locked my tablet. How do I remove it? how to unblock a samsung tablet from a virus? It’s really weird that my laptop has been locked by a Homeland Security Notice thing. I don’t know what it is and it seems this is Fake Homeland Security Virus 0 Scam. Why? Because it blocked the screen and then an official Homeland Security site comes up saying I’ve copyrighted etc asking me to pay 300 dollars? I still not sure if it is Fake Homeland Security Virus Moneypak Scam or real. It listed several charges on the lock page. The funny thing is that I even have not done those things they accused me like watching child porn. How ridiculous it is! Anyway, I did want to unlock my computer, so I tried to buy Moneypak and was about to pay the 0 fine. But someone told me that it’s a scam. So I stopped entering the Moneypak code and tried to testing its authenticity. I called some department and they told me that it is just a Homeland Security Virus. So I have been seeking solutions to unlock my computer!

How Does Fake Homeland Security Virus $300 Scam Confuse You? Any Software Can Rid This Warning?

Fake Homeland Security Virus, which has been badly deceiving many computer users aroused a high degree of vigilance of FBI police. They issued a warning to remind people all over the world that this malware is attempting to swindle PC users in the name of Malta Police Force. The warning is aimed at exposing the essence of the scam and appealing people to avoid falling the trip of this awful stuff. They pointed out that even if people pay the ransom to the cyber criminals, they will have a very low rate to get their PC unlocked. In fact, not only Vancouver police issued this warning, many other famous news web sites such as CBC news also published articles to wake up people’s awareness. Those who are in the ocean of pain of the Homeland Security Virus malware really should not waste their money on this non-sense fake Homeland Security ransomware. Currently, this hoax effects mobile device like android phone, android tablet, iPhone or iPad. The spam blocked the mobile screen warning you went into a porn sight and so you had this message pop up saying that you have been watching child porn and you have to pay this money in 24 hours before all your stuff gets deleted, how can you remove this off your mobile device? Learn more below.

Like many other scam malware, Fake Homeland Security Virus also has a very solemn interface. It just looks like it’s really from the police office. The content of the message on the locking page will really make you freaking out. The malware often has an official-looking reference to police and cyber-crime, but it’s all part of the scam. The police said that no law enforcement agency, including the Homeland Security, collected fines in this manner. Don’t be afraid of the charge that it accused you. Even if you really watched porn sites or other did illegal things, the real police station won’t collect fines in this way. You may be very curious that why there is a police badge on the locking page. Don’t think it’s a very hard job to make forge a fake one. Moreover, those who created this Homeland Security Virus have very high intelligence quotient. “Such computer messages claiming to be from the Homeland Security are fraudulent. Users targeted by police ransomware should not pay any money,” the police said.

On the lock page, you even can see some instructions telling you how to finish paying the “fine”. Even there are pictures below each step. In usual, this Homeland Security Virus will tell you to finish the payment via Moneypak–a very common payment method. The worst thing is that Fake Homeland Security ransomware can escape from your anti-virus such as famous Norton, McAfee. When you start your computer in safe mode and run your security program to have a full scan, nothing will be detected from your computer. Homeland Security virus blocks everything,Homeland Security locked computer, and the Homeland Security scam wont let me do anything, how to fix Homeland Security locking computer? If anti-virus can’t pick this virus up, there must be one solution to kill it from users computer. Yes, and the only way is to remove the virus manually.

Tips: A manual removal guide on how to remove the Fake Homeland Security Virus will be listed below. However, the instructions are for those who are very familiar with the virus and good at computer. If you are not confident to get rid of Homeland Security Virus, you can contact YooCare/YooSecurity for help:

Photos of Fake Homeland Security Scam Virus


New Screenshot of Homeland Security Virus $300 Scam (Also Known as Global Illicit Financial Team Virus, US Special Agent Virus)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Virus $300 Scam

Transmission routes of Fake Homeland Security Ransomware

Fake Homeland Security Virus mainly spreads via Trojan on unsafe websites, email virus, and other malicious software. Such kind of virus spreads in one country at the beginning, then from a country to another with a clone version. Homeland Security Moneypak Virus has an interface with American official style and language. It accesses your computer via various routes to capture your computer. It results in improper function of system to ransom you for money. Some PC owners who have little experience may be deceived by such malware. Even if you pay for the Homeland Security Virus, you will get nothing but just lose your money and make a chance to enable cyber criminals to gain remote access to the compromised PC system. It must be remove as soon as possible in order to protect your system performance getting to be worse.

Steps to Remove Homeland Security Virus Scam Manually

Step 1: Try to extract the internet cable then restart your computer normally. After you can see the desktop, plug in the cable again. If the virus doesn’t pop up, you can continue from step 3. (If it’s wireless connection, turn off/on instead of plugging in/out cable)

Step 2: Restart your computer in safe mode with networking. To do this, please keep pressing F8 key before windows launches until you get there shown as below:

Step 3: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the Task manager to stop the progress of Fake Homeland Security Virus. Because the name will be changed fast, it will be displayed with different names with random letters.

Step 4: Delete all the files related to Homeland Security Virus.

Login to profile in which you are getting Homeland Security Ransomware.
1.Go to my computer, then press ALT button once, next Go to tools on menu bar.
2.Goth select Folder options, click on view tab, next select Show hidden files, folders, and drives then click OK button.
Last, On search box type in regedit then press enter key to open registry editor, next delete some files created by the virus.
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Random.exe (it will be named randomly)
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Random.exe (it will be named randomly)
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\random.exe (it will be named randomly)

Video Guide to Remove Homeland Security Fake From Registry Editor

Alternatively, you can view this scam removal video guide directly on our website.

Unlock Android Phone/Tablet From Fake Homeland Security Virus Scam Step by Step

1. Since your Android device is blocked by this Homeland Security ransomware virus, you will need to restart your phone/tablet to safe mode which starts up without loading any third-party add-ons. By this way, you are capable to carry out malware removal steps on your Android. Here are two examples for you to put your Android phone/tablet to safe mode.

a. For Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 and Samsung Note: 1) Power down your Android phone. 2) Turn on and repeatedly tap the soft-button for “Menu.”

b. For Samsung Galaxy S3 and others: 1) Power down. 2) Turn on till you see the Vendor’s logo, press and hold Volume Down (Galaxy S3 and others), Volume Up (HTC One and others), or Volume Down and Volume Up together (various Motorola devices).

c. For Samsung tab: Power it off, and then power it on. During startup and when you see the Samsung Logo screen, press and hold the Volume Down key until you can see safe mode writing below the screen at the left hand angle of the screen.

Note: If you have put your Android phone/tablet to safe mode successfully, you should see a text “Safe Mode” at the bottom left corner.

2. Once you have put your phone/tablet in safe mode, you are capable to remove the weird thing from phone/tablet. However, the manual removal process of harmful apps requires sufficient expertise. To safely deal with this problem, you had better contact an expert online for further help.

Please bear in mind: Fake Homeland Security Virus can locked your mobile devices like android phone, tablet, iphone or ipad, so this malware should be removed as soon as possible. If you leave it alone, it will not only stay in your computer or mobile device, but also can put your IP in very dangerous condition. However, if you can remove the hoax in time, it can’t do any harm to your computer or mobile device and won’t ask for money any more. Also please don’t pay money to this police scam, even if you paid the fine to the hackers, they won’t unlock your computer or mobile device. Never believe those so called free software! Don’t download to install those stuffs in your computer or mobile device. They can not remove the Homeland Security scam malware for you, but also bring you much more other viruses such as ransomware, scam virus even fake things. You may not be aware that those so called free software can be another cheater, which will make you gain just more loss. Please don’t take a chance to have a try. It’s nonsense. There is no free lunch! If you really can’t remove Homeland Security Virus yourself, please find an expert for assistance. This is the best choice.

All for your sake: Don’t want to make things worse? Contact YooCare/YooSecurity experts 24/7 online in time for professional assistance if you really don’t know how to remove Homeland Security Virus that asks for Moneypak code or $100 itunes gift card:

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