I have a police notice on my laptop – Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam. Whats causes my computer to search illegal things? Why does my computer that has vista proon it turn on by itself hours after its been shut down? How can it lock my computer and how to unlock my computer from Bundeskriminalamt Virus that asks for a fine of €100 payment thru Ukash or Paysafecard? How do I get rid of police virus from Windows 7 or Windows 8??

Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam – How to Remove?

Ransomware attacks are quickly becoming a favorite of hackers and cyber criminals, and the Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam is targeted to users in Germany that are currently running a Windows operating system, another known variant from this family targets PC users from UK and exploits the name of Metropolitan Police. This virus warns the user that their computer has been locked because the German police have detected illegal activity, including the distribution of pornographic material, sending SPAM emails, and even downloading and sharing copyright material. It warns that a fine of 100 Euro must be paid immediately or the user will face additional fines as well as a possible prison sentence.

At first the user might not take the warning seriously and attempt to close it, but they will quickly find out that the virus completely clocks the computer and will not allow any other browser windows to be opened. The warning screen is the only thing that the user will be able to access. Even if the computer is restarted in safe mode the computer will lock and the warning message will be displayed. When the Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam is installed it alters the system settings.

So, why would a computer user think that this is a real threat from the German police? Well, the fact that the message has the authentic logos makes it appear real, and also the fact that the Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam locks out all other functions of the computer lead many to believe that they have indeed violated a law, especially since there is a good chance that the virus was picked up by visiting a site that participates in the sharing of illegal copyright content. What really scares many users is the fact that their webcam automatically turns on and is shown in the message with a message stating that the police are using it to identify the user, and also searching through the photos on the computer to further identify the user. This alone scares many into running out to the store and purchasing a ukash card or paysafecard to pay the fake fine.

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The Screenshot of Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Ransomware


Bundeskriminalamt – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Virus Screen


Virus Bundeskriminalamt – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Ukash/Paysafecard Scam Notice


New Bundeskriminalamt Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Virus Scam Screen

Germany Scam Bundeskriminalamt Ihr-Internet-Service-Provider-ist-blockiert-B

Symptom of Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam

The message claims that the block will be released once the payment of 100 Euro is verified, but that is not true, as the hackers will not unlock the computer. They have absolutely no intention of every removing it. They place this attack within spam email attachments, and on shareware and files download sites. By just clicking on a download link that has been infected with the Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam will automatically install it on the computer.

Payment is requested in the form of paysafecard or ukash and this is done to protect the identity of the cyber criminals behind the attack. Those payment options are prepaid and they instantly transfer the funds without the ability to trace them or retract them once it is discovered that this is a scam. The fake alert the virus displays is:

Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert

Alle rechtswidrigen Handlungen, die von Ihrem Computer aus begangen wurden, sind in der Datenbank der Polizei gespeichert worden, einschließlich Foto und Video durch die Webcam für die weitere Identifizierung. Ebenso wurde die Wiedergabe von pornografischen Inhalten mit Minderjährigen festgestellt.
Bitte machen Sie sich ausführlich bekannt mit den Punkten der Rechtsverletzung
Artikel —174. Urheberrecht Freiheitsentzug von 2 bis zu 5 Jahren (Nutzung oder Verbreitung von urheberrechtlich geschützten Material). Geldstrafe in Höhe von 18 000 € bis 23 000 €.
Artikel— 183. Pornografie Freiheitsentzug von 2 bis zu 3 Jahren (Nutzung oder Verbreitung von pornografischen Dateien). Geldstrafe von 18 000 € bis zu 25 000 €.
Artikel— 184. Kinderpornografie (unter 18 Jahren) Freiheitsentzug von 10 bis zu 15 Jahren (Nutzung oder Verbreitung von Dateien mit Kinderpornografie). Geldstrafe in Höhe von 20 000 € bis zu 40 000 €.
In Übereinstimmung mit dem Regierungsentscheid vom 04 Dezember 2012 werden alle oben aufgeführten Verstöße im Falle einer NICHTZAHLUNG der Geldbuße als Straftaten erhoben.
Die Geldbuße beträgt 100€. Die Geldbuße muss innerhalb von 48 Stunden nach Sperrung des Computers beglichen werden. Im Falle einer Nichlzahlung wird gegen Sie ein Strafverfahren eingeleitet ohne Recht auf Bußgeldbegleichung und Ihr Computer wird von den zuständigen Beamten für illegale Nelzaktivitäten konfisziert. Anschließend wird Ihr Verfahren laut den oben aufgeführten Artikeln geführt, was eine Geldstrafe von 16 000 € oder Freiheitsentug mit sich zieht
Nach Begleichung der Geldbuße wird Ihr Computer gesperrt.
Im Falle eines selbstständigen Versuchs zur Entspannung werden alle Ihre Daten formatiert, mit Ausnahme von den Beweisdaten
Der erstmalige Verstoss muss keine rechtlichen Folgen mit sich ziehen, nur die Strafe in Uhereinstimmung mit dem Gesetz, welches am 04 Dezember 2012 erhoben wurde. Bei wiederholten Verstossen sind Strafverfahren unausweichlich.

Steps to Manually Remove Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam Ransomware

1. Reboot your infected computer and keep pressing F8 key on your keyboard and next use the arrow keys to select “Safe Mode with Networking” and press E/Enter;

2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time or right click on the Task Bar to open the Windows Task Manager; then scroll down to End processes related to [Bundeskriminalamt Virus].exe;

3. Open Control Panel from Start menu; then find Folder Options and under View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) then click OK;

4. Open Registry Editor by pressing Windows+R keys and typing in regedit;

5. Find out and delete all these associating files as below:


6. Find out and remove all these associating registry entries:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = 0

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegistryTools” = 0

7. Reboot again and get into normal mode when the above steps are done.

Manual Removal of Bundeskriminalamt – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert  Virus Video Guide:


Complete manual removal instructions can be found above. Those that send the payment will soon learn that they have been scammed when the computer is not unblocked in the time that the message claims. The hackers will not unblock it, so the only way to get the computer back to a useable state is to remove the Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam.  Since the virus installs many files in different folders and directories it is important to manually remove the files to make sure that they are all discarded.

Special Tips: It is strongly recommended to remove Bundeskriminalamt Virus – Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Scam Ransomware with expertise. And if you still cannot successfully get rid of this locking screen by the above instructions, please contact YooCare 24/7 Online Experts now for a fast and professional help.

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