What is Windows Attacks Preventor? How to remove?

Windows Attacks Preventor is not a legitimate software but a hazardous and tricky rogue ware. Windows Attacks Preventor is  a a clone of well-known malicious rogue antispyware such as Windows Basic Antivirus, Windows PRO Scanner, Windows Shield Tool, Windows Telemetry Center, Windows Performance Catalyst, Windows Smart Partner, Windows Smart Warden, Windows Functionality Checker, Windows Threats Destroyer and Windows Firewall Constructor. It came out several days ago and spread in an amazing speed on the internet. There is an old trick about this kind of virus. Once the fake security program like Windows Attacks Preventor installed on a targeted computer, it will first scan the whole system automatically. Users can not control the keyboard and mouse to stop this. After the scanning, there will be a huge number of fake infections displaying on the screen. But the truth is they are all nonexistent and fabricated by the designers to cheat computer users all around the world. You may find that there is a message asking you to purchase Windows Attacks Preventor “full version/ registered version” or so. You have no need to believe it, just ignore all of them and then find a useful way to get this thing off the computer. Do not leave it in the computer, because Windows Attacks Preventor is able to change system settings, block system tasks and disable most programs on the infected computer. This means that your will see Windows Attacks Preventor popping up every time you turn on the computer but you can do nothing to it. Also, you can not use the computer for work or other things. What’s more frustrating, the computer will be out of control and there is no way you can open the task manager to stop the virus running. There are numerous online guides about this Windows Attacks Preventor removal nowadays but many of them are useless and just a waste of time. Some of them are also risky for users damaging the system and losing the important data. You need to back up your important personal files when you are ready to remove this virus. And when you find this guide, please be sure that you will get the most useful help from the internet.

Windows Attacks Preventor ScreenShot

Windows Attacks Preventor malware similar video tutorial on how to modify or change Windows Registry:

(Important: If you are unsure what these items mean you should probably contact PC online Experts for help to safely remove Windows Attacks Preventor Virus.)

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