Hi! I want to install a new operating system in my computer and now I have a USB Drive, but I don’t know how to make a Bootable USB. Do you know the effective way to make a Bootable USB? I searched on the Internet and saw some ways to create a bootable USB, but due to my limit computer knowledge, I still can’t figure it out. I have tried millions of times. But I always failed. I have no idea why I can’t make it. I did all the steps the websites said. Please help me! I will highly appreciate if you could help me out.

What is Bootable USB?

Generally, if you want to install a new operating system to your computer by a USB Drive, then you will need to make a Bootable USB. A Bootable USB Drive is necessary while installing operating system. When you turn on your computer if you plug in the Bootable USB Drive, the boot loader will be able to load the operating system from your USB rather than from the computer’s HDD (short for “Hard Disk Drive”). If you have this Bootable USB Drive, you will be capable to fix your computer which have damaged operating system problem.

Bootable USB helps to pass through a procedure of operating system installations. To install a new operating system, you can use an empty USB drive, CD or DVD. Nevertheless, for handiness, many laptops have no CD-ROM. Plus comparing to the CD or DVD, a USB drive is more convenience for people to take to anywhere. Also, a USB Drive just needs 10-20 minutes to finish the operating system installations. But for a CD or DVD, it takes more time. So a USB drive for installing operating system is the best choice. And the Bootable USB is similar to the System Disc which has the files of operating system. The difference is you need to change the boot priority to USB in BIOS section.

Usually, people just use the USB drive to save and transfer some files, pictures or some software packages. However, USB drive has another useful function. Once you succeed in making a bootable USB, this bootable USB also can be used as a live operating system and can used to fix Troubleshootings problem. So it is very beneficial to make a bootable USB.

How to make a bootable USB?

Now many people would like to use USB Drive to install an operating system like Windows 7 and Linux. But they don’t know how to create a bootable USB or they have trouble with it. To make a bootable USB, you need a workable computer and an empty USB drive. When you have both of them, you will be able to make a bootable USB. And creating a bootable USB is a hard job if you have less computer knowledge. So you’d better ask for someone who is good at it to help you.

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