I realize that I must be in trouble with Windows.iYogi.com. I can’t uninstall it from my computer. It always pops up with many websites I even don’t know what they are. These websites always appear while I’m doing my work. That’s really annoying. I want to kick it off from my computer, but I’m not good at computer, I’m afraid I may delete something wrong if I do it by myself. Can somebody help?

Basic Knowledge About This Redirect

Windows.iYogi.com, technically speaking, it is a browser hijacker rather than a virus. Therefore, as anti-virus program can detect the virus or other potential threats in your computer, this redirect can easily bypass the scan of security tool. Generally, this browser hijack can be installed into your computer as an optional program which is bundled with other ‘free’ programs. Many people get this redirect in this way due to their carelessness about installation. In another way, when people visit some dubious websites which contain malicious contents, it can automatically become a plugin in browsers without people’s consent. As it has mentioned before, anti-virus software can’t detect it for you, which causes many troubles once it comes to computer.

Once this redirect is installed into computer, Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox are all the targets of it. It can modify the homepage to the domain which have been set by cyber criminals; also, the search engine and many important settings in browser can be changed by it. In fact, this browser hijacker does not harm to computer system, but it makes a bad online experience by interfering you with tons of pop-ups. At the same time, many junk files with long names can be saved everywhere in your hard drive and waste a lot of your space. You can be easily disturbed by endless of promotion ads which pop up all the time no matter what you are doing. By luring you with many goods with attractive prices, you can be easily cheated to click on those links, once you enter in those websites, half of the cyber criminals’ purpose is done. They can get pay-per-click revenue if you do that, also the main evil purpose is to attract you to buy good from those websites, and the hackers can collect your sensitive information like your credit card number and code when you are trying to input them on the computer. Also, other information in your computer can be leaked to them if they access to your computer with the help of this redirect.

Sometimes you will recognize that your computer is frozen or  you need a long time to open a program, maybe worse, blue screen death. All these symptoms are caused by this browser hijacker. You can’t not ignore it even you think that it will not damage your system. It can slow down the speed of access to Internet; also, the performance of computer can be retarded too.

The properties of Browser Hijacker

-Cannot be detected by your anti-virus software, which makes it hard to uninstall from the computer.
-Once you open your browser, you will be redirected to some unknown websites.
-Can slow down the performance of the computer, or even blue screen.
-Can pop up many unwanted advertisements when you are doing something else.
-Can change your settings in your browser and it is not easy to change it back.

If you find any symptoms listed above showing on your computer, then your computer must be suffered with a browser hijacker that causes you keep being redirecting to Windows.iYogi.com. Please contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts for manual removal guide. Also, we will provide a short removal guide below for computer literate.

NOTE: Being afraid to do any wrong operation during the process of removing Windows.iYogi.com? Please contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts, we are here to help you:

Manual Removal Guide of Redirect (For Computer Literate)

There is a removal guide of browser hijacker provided here; however, expertise is required during the process of removal, please make sure you are capable to do it by yourself.

Step 1: Find Ctrl, Alt, and Delete these 3 keys and then press them together to open task manager to end the process related to Windows.iYogi.com, the name of the process of it is random.

XP task manager

Step 2: Try to find Folder Options in Control Panel, select the View tab, and then tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.


Step 3: Try to find the files which relate to this redirect, and delete them all.

Step4: Change your homepage in your browser (Take Chrome Google as an Example)

Open the setting in Chrome Google


Then choose Set pages, and type the URL you want into the box and click OK.


Windows.iYogi.com belongs to browser hajacker which infected browser instead of computer system. It cause many nuisances to innocent people who get this redirect in their computers. Thousands of pop-ups can appear on the problematic computer all the time. From coming to the desktop to running programs, pop-ups can be flooded into your eye, which can slow down the performance of your computer or even blue screen. Also, with the help of this redirect, cyber hackers can gather what they want for illegal use, including personal and financial information. Your computer is not safe once you find out this browser hijacker is in your computer, please delete it as soon as you can.

Suggestion: To follow removal guide that mentioned above, a level of computer knowledge is needed. Still can’t get out of Windows.iYogi.com? Contact online experts for help now!

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