Is your computer infected by Trojan.Apdahost.A virus? Continuous pop-ups warning that your computer has been infected by this dangeours virus? Feeling frustrated after failed to use variety of anti-virus to remove it? Have no idea how to get rid of this threat permanently from your computer? Don’t worry, this article will help you find out the effective solution to kick it off  completely.

Trojan.Apdahost.A is a computer infection that is recognized as dangerous Trojan which can cause a lot of troubles to your system. Trojan.Apdahost.A is created with Microsoft Intermediate Language by intended hackers who are aiming to acquire illegal benefit by attacking users’ PC and stealing valuable information, Therefore it could be inferred that Trojan.Apdahost.A connects to the Internet without the user’s knowledge and communicates with a remote server to further compromise the system’s security.Sometimes it’s detected as Trojan:MSIL/Apdahost.A. It should be noted that computer infections usually come in groups therefore it is very likely that Trojan.Apdahost.A comes along with other infections as well. This nasty virus is related to adware applications which means it could bring annoying pop-up advertisements that appear on your screen. What’s more, if unfortunately you have Trojan.Apdahost.A within your system, your computer is most probably infected with browser hijackers that can redirect you to malicious websites, or change your search results.

Several Usual Symptoms of Trojan Apdahost.A Virus Infection

A. Block the functions of anti-virus programs, you can’t run them as well as updating them via Internet.
B. The virus slows down your computer considerably and you will feel like your computer is stuck.
C. Make your computer restart or shutdown frequently and unreasonably. Sometimes you even found your PC is totally crash down.
D. The infection contains trojan and keyloggers which can be used to steal sensitive data like passwords, credit card, bank account information etc.
E. Attack and damage your system files and programs, you will find your computer is running weirdly and some programs are not able to run any more.
F. Create backdoor for intended hackers who will be able to control your computer and steal your important information such as private data and banking details.
G. You will get many unwanted pop ups on your computer. The virus corrupts your system registry and uses it to deploy annoying pop up ads out of nowhere.

If you need any help, Live Chat with YooSecurity Expert Now , or you can follow our step-by-step virus removal instruction below to clean the virus yourself. (For advanced computer users)

Best Way to Remove Trojan.Apdahost A Step by Step:

Firstly, please restart your computer and get in Safe Mode with Networking:

Please follow these steps to get rid of Trojan Apdahost.A manually:
Step 1: Press CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. Open the Windows Task Manager.
If that didn’t work, try another way. Press the Start button and click on the Run option. This will start the Run tool. Type in task-mgr and press OK. This should start the Windows Task Manager.

Step 2: Within the Windows Task Manager click on the Processes tab. Find the process by name. random.exe related to Trojan.Apdahost.A. Then scroll the list to find required process. Select it with your mouse or keyboard and click on the End Process button. This will kill the process.

Video Show You on How to Modify or Change Windows Registry:

Step3: Remove malicious files of Trojan.Apdahost.A.


Step4: Delete malicious registry entries of Trojan Apdahost.A.

“EnableShellExecuteHooks”= 1 (0x1)

Note: You should remove Trojan.Apdahost.A from your computer immediately as well as all the related programs that could be infecting your system. Up to now, there is no antivirus can remove this virus completely, manual removal is required. And since manual removal can be rather complicated, you are advised to contact YooCare online service for further help to protect your computer against malicious computer threats.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on October 13, 2012 1:07 pm

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