Hey, there! I need some help to guide me to clean up some clutter to free up space for my iPhone. I have used this iPhone for 3 years but I never clear up anything from it. Now I feel it becomes a little bit slow and would like to clean up the iPhone to free up space. But I don’t know how to start with this process. Could you please help me?

Why we need to free up space on iPhone or iPad?

Generally, if we use mobile device like iPhone for a long time, there may be many junks, cache files, useless apps or unnecessary messages, photos and videos created in the system to take up too much space of your iPhone or iPad. All those trash will slow down performance of your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, to speed up your device, it’s necessary to do an optimization to speed up your iPhone or iPad.

How to Free up space on iPhone or iPad?

First, we can start with checking how much space is used by Messages app. Usually we send and receive messages, photos and videos between friends and relatives. However, some texts, photos and videos will be kept forever on system to consume too much space if you have not done anything to clean them. Actually to prevent messages from being kept forever and taking up a lot of space, you can set all messages to expire after a certain period of time. by default, your iPhone or iPad will keep messages “Forever,” but you can choose to keep them for “20 Days” or “2 months” if you prefer. But for audio and video, Messages app will automatically delete audio and video messages two minutes by default after you listen to or watch them. To clean up Messages app, you can delete attachments like images, files and documents and conversation threads.


Next, you can delete and uninstall unwanted apps especially game apps occupying a large space. Sometimes, we would also install some unnecessary apps but we don’t notice that so much. Removing those unwanted apps and preinstalled apps will help a lot to free up space on your iPhone or iPad. After clean up unwanted and useless apps, you need to clean ‘document & data’ of the apps you keep, as ‘document & data’ of some apps take up more space than the app itself. An app’s ‘document & data’ actually should be documents and files that the app has downloaded or created. However, you may not be able to clear an app’s Documents & Data from Settings screen. Instead, you’ll need to either delete the app and reinstall it or clear the an app’s temporary data from within the app. Also you’re advised to erase browsing data of your browser like Safari and Google Chrome.


Third, please delete music, video, photos and other media files. All those media files will really occupy a large amount of space, you’re suggested to clean some unwanted music, photos and other unnecessary media files or transfer those stuff things to your internet storage like Google drive, Google Photos if you prefer. It will obviously help free up space on your iPhone or iPad.

Warm Suggestion: If you have any problems during freeing up space on your iPhone or iPad, please feel free to click on Live Chat below to contact our Yoosecurity expert for help!

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on September 28, 2016 5:20 am

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