Hello, could you guys help me remove those error codes popping up on the starting screen of my Windows 10? And due to error code, Windows seem not boot up properly, sometimes I can reach the desktop, but most of case I can’t. I don’t know much about computer and have no technical friend. I guess something in the operating system should be messed up or completely corrupted then this problem occurs. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

What’s Windows Error?

Windows or other fatal errors would happen if your Windows operating system has been severely attacked or damaged. Ransom and confusing error messages are also very frustrating if you can’t fix it properly. Besides, you may notice that computer performance is slowed down. Running programs will be slower and response time will lag a lot. Crashes and freezes will kick in right when you’re processing something important or when you open multiple applications. Annoying errors not only slow down computer performance a lot but also can cause the computer to be almost useless. Therefore, if you find some error codes occurring, you should figure out a way to fix the problem as soon as possible to save your machine.

What Factor will Cause Windows Error?

However, before you do something to fix the Windows error, you should figure out what factor causes the fatal error. There are numerous causes of Windows error including excessive startup entries, registry errors, hardware/RAM decline, fragmented files, being infected with malware or spyware or programs not installing properly and so on. Even what you usually operate improperly on Windows computer daily will trigger Windows error codes. For example, you create and delete files, install and remove programs and add printer, camera and other gadgets like USB diver. All kinds of system conflicts, registry errors, and Active X errors will happen while Windows operating system has fatal error problems.

Excessive startup entries: Programs or files that automatically start with Windows not only slow down computer’s starting up time but also easily trigger error problems to make Windows get stuck. Startup programs occupy memory and take up system resources. Small programs may load very quickly but mover and heavier programs will take more time to load. When you usually start your computer, Windows will load your desktop, all the system process it needs and also programs like chat programs, file-downloading applications, security tools, hardware utilities, or many other types of programs that are configured to automatically start with Windows. However, some of programs are not necessary but just make Windows startup overload and cause error problems.

Registry errors: The Windows registry is essentially a massive internal database that contains crucial settings and configurations of programs and applications like system settings, system hardware, installed software and drivers and profile information. It is the recorder of all the acts of your pc. Improperly shutting down, crashing or freezing and uninstalling programs, massive virus, Trojan virus, spyware and rogue programs and unnecessary files can cause registry errors. Aggressive and dangerous virus and malware regularly attack and modify Windows registry, which needs immediate attention and prompt measure to get all computer threats eradicated to avoid registry error happening.

Fragmented files: The registry fragment occurs when software or application is uninstalled, upgraded or updated. During the process of uninstalling, upgrading and updating, some programs and small fragments of registry entries may be left behind or damaged, which will be one of the reasons causing error codes message. For example, DLL files are damaged or corrupted when you constantly install and uninstall programs improperly. To illustrate, DLL files will get overwritten by newer versions when a new program is installed. Some other applications and programs still need the old version to run properly, but the old version files are renewed, and then these applications and programs will malfunction and crash often.

Malware and Viruses: Trojan horse, virus, malware and spyware attacks and modifies Windows registry, which will seriously cause Windows error and even blue screen of death. System settings and programs may be disabled by aggressive and harmful computer threats.

Hardware/RAM decline: hardware like motherboard, CPU, graphic card, GPU or RAM performance is degraded or improperly installed and set up, which will also severely cause registry error. And even worse you can’t start up system any more but a blue screen of death occurs.


In a word, Windows error will occur due to many problems besides what we talk and list above, to correctly figure out what causes the Windows error will properly help you fix the error and save your computer. If you see some error message happening, you should first use your security tool to make a full scan for your whole computer. To do this, you will clearly know if the Windows error message is triggered by malware, virus or spyware or any infected files etc. However, fixing Windows error requires computer expertise and skills and any wrong operation will make system malfunction even will not boot up system any more. If you are a computer literate and capable to handle computer problem flexibly, you can try the instructions following to clear up your registry:

1) Click Start button,”Run” and type “regedit.” Click the folder you wish to edit, and click the subkey to highlight it.

2) Click “File”-“Export”. Export the file to your desktop by clicking “Save”.

3) Click “Start”-“Search” and type “regedit” in the search bar and press the “Return” key on your computer. Search for previously uninstalled program folders, and right-click the folder to display the pop-up menu. Click “Delete” to remove the folder or Select the area you need to edit from the editor to make your changes.

If you have tried many time but still can’t get rid of Windows error or if you can’t fix Windows error by yourself, you’re strongly suggested to contact YooCare/YooSecurity online Expert for further information:

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