“My computer has been having problems for months now but when I try to play different games, they tries to load up but it just crashes to the desktop. I used to be able to play NBA 2k11 but even now I can’t. I also was able to play different MMO’s but now I can’t even play existing ones that I have already played on the computer before. The weird part is I can play saints row the third on the highest settings, and some other smaller games like minecraft and the walking dead. Lately I have noticed my computer running extremely slow and taking forever to just go to another website when using the browser. I’m just wondering what I need to do to get my computer back to normal because I want to be able to start playing game and I can’t because it just crashes to the desktop when starting the game up. Can you help me fix this problem?”

Why games won’t run on my pc? How to fix?

This is frustrating if favorite games cannot run on your computer. As an ordinary computer user, we are unable to fully understand the computer knowledge, but we can’t avoid problems when we use the computer. So how to get games to work on your pc? Prior to solve the problem, please make sure your game installation meets the following conditions:

1. Ensure that the installation of the game path is correct.

2. Ensure that the game is installed completely, I suggest that you shut down antivirus software before installing the game. Because the antivirus software will kill some patches and game plug-in as a virus. Anti-virus and anti-malware solutions are extremely complex pieces of software which try to help with keeping your computer safe from unwanted malicious code. However, these programs are far from perfect, as they sometimes don’t recognize a threat, and other times recognize a false threat. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for your anti-virus/malware software to throw a red flag in your face whenever you try to play your game even though the game is completely safe. The best thing to do is to place the game on some kind of whitelist, or temporarily disable the software while you’re playing the game.

3. Make sure your computer’s hardware configuration and operating system to fulfill the requirements of the game. Maybe your hardware simply isn’t strong enough to run whatever game you’ve bought. Honestly, you can’t expect a netbook to actually run Skyrim or Call of Duty. However, desktops can also be too weak to play, especially older ones. The best way to make sure if your hardware is the issue is by checking on the box or online for the system requirements. If it is a hardware issue, the only way is to replace the hardware or buy a new computer.

4. Install all the necessary plugins for the operation of the computer games. Such as DirectX, VC++2005, VC++2008, NET Framework and so on. Detailed questions please consult the computer technicians.
In addition, games and computer compatibility issues may result in the game cannot run normally.

Manual Guides to Fix Games Won’t Run on PC

Method One: Uninstall and reinstall the game

Step 1. Click on Start and in the search bar type “Turn Windows feature on or off”
Step 2. Browse to the Games and un-check the box next to it.
Step 3. Restart the computer and same way browse to the Games and place a check mark

Method Two: Set up the compatibility of the computer and game

Step 1: Click on the windows Start button, select the folder and then the icon for the game’s executable flight.
Step 2: Right click the icon and select “Properties”.
Step 3: Choose “Compatibility” tap, select the version of windows when the game used to work before any update etc.

Note: If the above methods still can’t solve your problem, in order to avoid more problems because of your wrong operation, you can consult our professional computer expert. We will help you with the most professional technology in the shortest possible time.

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