Hi! I have this Btballoon.dll problem every time I started up my computer and the messages says that in order to fix this problem, I need to reinstall the application then this problem will be fixed. But the problem is that I don’t know what Btballoon.dll is or where to reinstall it. Do you know anything about it? Could you please help me fix this problem? Any help will be highly appreciated. I am using Lenovo laptop running with windows 7 by the way.

About Btballoon.dll you should know

Btballoon.dll is one kind of DLL (short for “Dynamic link Library”) files that is a small program and is very important to computer. It is similar to EXE (short for “Executable”) files and it allows many kinds of programs to share the same functionality. Many people know the EXE files which can directly click on it the run the program but don’t know much about this DLL files. Btballoon.dll relates to the Bluetooth Software, when you get this problem, your Bluetooth software may have some unexpectedly problems. This problem could always pop up if you don’t fix it and you won’t be able to use the related functions in your computer. This annoying problem usually occurs when you turn on your computer, run a program or trying to use some functions in your programs. To use your computer smoothly, you should fix this problem as soon as you can or it may cause other problems that also affect performance of your computer.

What causes this error

There are several cases that could cause this problem. Firstly, when you shut down your computer improperly, this Btballoon.dll file may be corrupted or missed then when you turn on your computer again, you could get this error. Secondly, some programs maliciously or mistakenly deleted this file. When this file is missing, you could get this problem. Finally, this problem could be the windows registry issue. When the windows registries which relate to this file are damaged, you could get this problem. The broken registry keys could cause the problems of missing or moved DLL files. When you got this Btballoon.dll error because of the damage of registries, there is a high possibility that your computer has got infected by some kind of malicious virus that could damage the windows registries.

Screenshot of this Btballoon.dll error


Other common Btballoon.dll Errors

1. Btballoon.dll crash
2. Btballoon.dll not found.
3. Cannot find btballoon.dll
4. Btballoon.dll error loading
5. Cannot register btballoon.dll
6. Cannot register btballoon.dll
7. Btballoon.dll Access Violation
8. The file btballoon.dll is missing
9. Btballoon.dll could not be located
10. The procedure entry point btballoon.dll
11. Cannot find %PROGFILES64%\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\btballoon.dll.
12. Cannot start Bluetooth Software. A required component is missing: btballoon.dll. Please install Bluetooth Software again.
13. This application failed to start because btballoon.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Way to fix this Btballoon.dll Error

First of all, if you want to fix this error, you need to use Microsoft Register server to register the related DLL files. Surely fixing this error need a level of computer knowledge, if you are good at computer, I suggest that please contact a professional to help you to prevent from getting other serious problems.

Step 1 Click on “Start”. It locates on the left bottom of your screen. The icon is a Windows Logo.


Step 2 Type “run” into the search box, then tap Enter. Or you can press Windows Logo and “R” together on your keyboard to open then “Run” window.


Step 3 Type “cmd” into the box then tap “Enter”.


After you get this Administrator: C:\Windows\system32\cdm.exe window with the black background, you should type the effective command into it then tap “Enter” then restart your computer. After restarting, there are more steps need to be done to fix this problem. But it needs enough computer knowledge or you will get other problems. So now I advise you to contact Yoocare online experts to help you.

In addition, to fix this problem permanently, you should manually check your computer to see if there is any virus on your computer. You may want to use some antivirus software to check your computer, but you should know that there is no perfect antivirus software that can detect all viruses. So manual checking will be your better choice. If there is a malicious virus in your computer and if you don’t remove it at the same time, you could get this kind of error again as the virus could damage the windows registries. Furthermore, if your computer did get infected by a harmful virus, the virus will do other harmful things to your computer. It can slow down your computer then make your computer crash down. It can spy on you and get your online activity, browse habit and sensitive information like bank detail. So it is very necessary for you to check your computer to see if there is any virus in your computer. If so, you should remove it as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you have spent much time to fix this Btballoon.dll error but still can’t fix it, If you don’t know how to check your computer and remove the virus manually, Contact our online professional for help now! Our online experts are always ready to help you.

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