I signed up an account with Pandora, and usually I use Pandora to listen to the music in America, but right now I am in China and I can’t access Pandora in China. This music streaming service in available only in USA, Australia and New Zealand. How can I Access Pandora in China? What’s the best way?

What’s Pandora? And Why Pandora Can’t be Accessed in China?

Pandora is an internet radio and a music streaming and automated music recommendation service. Pandora is free, personalized radio that plays music you’ll love. The service plays musical selections of a certain genre based on the user’s artist selection. You can directly open website Pandora.com on web browser or downloading and installing an application into your device such as your PC, Mac, Macbook, smartphone or tablet.  You can just enter an artist, song or genre to create free personalized stations. You can download the music you want and listen offline, and it offers unlimited skips and replays and higher quality audio. There are no ads when you’re listening. However, the service, operated by Pandora Media, Inc., is available only in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. It is not convenient for Pandora users in other countries and regions around the world. Due to geo-restrictions or internet censorship, Pandora also can’t be accessed. Since Pandora service has not yet open in China and foreign websites are blocked by Great Firewall, Pandora is hard to be accessed in China. So, how to access Pandora in China?

How to Access Pandora in China? Is VPN Really helpful?

Due to geo-restrictions and internet censorship, some outside websites are blocked. China’s great Firewall is a strong and dedicated internet censorship which controls the state’s internet. This sophisticated internet censorship limits the places people can go online and what they can search for and discuss. Therefore, any potentially unfavorable incoming data from foreign countries will be completely blocked, and the Great Firewall especially restricts access to certain websites such as social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube etc. In this case, you are recommended to use our VPN tool to help unblock the Great Firewall to connect with the server that allows you to access Pandora service.  In China, the best way to access Pandora in China is to use a reliable and strong VPN server. And VPN is excellent in Geo unblocking and streaming. What’s the VPN and how does it work? VPN is a way to securely send and receive private data across shared or public networks using encryption and other security mechanism. A VPN works by setting up a dedicated, encrypted link between a person’s computer, Mac ,phone, tablet and the website or service they want to use and makes spying on the data flowing across the connection difficult.

How to Use VPN to Access Pandora in China?

VPN is the software mainly helping internet users to unblock websites blocked by geo-restriction like strongest and strictest China’s Firewall. It creates a “tunnel” over your internet network to let you access any websites. Virtual Private Network is applications to use unblock overseas sites in countries like China. An individual needs to install and download a VPN association and open an account subsequent to doing so, and then the VPN will start with a proxy IP address as an alternative of their unique IP address to give permission them to use any websites which are blocked in China together with Pandora.

What is VPN protocol?

A VPN protocol is an online service which acts as a host to the VPN program to give permission it to work efficiently previously it has been installed and downloaded.

The consumer has to progress forward by downloading the VPN program and followed by installing it.

After consecutively exploring the web in China to install and download a VPN, one should be receiving links to install it. Although from time to time a consumer can’t locate a link to establish the VPN they want to install, in addition to that period, an individual is supposed to attempt downloading the documents from a torrent.

  • Start running the VPN program.

When an individual installed and downloaded the application, he will be asked to run VPN program. For the most time, the consumer of the VPN user interfaces is comparable while it comes to using them. Therefore the consumer would not be having several troubles during administration. At the same time, the consumer will be asked to select their preferential nation, in addition to doing thus the VPN will create the alternative IP address appear similar to it is from a different kingdom, and as a consequence, a consumer will be able to access Pandora and listen to music on Pandora in China.

For a VPN connection, a consumer needs a strong internet network; therefore it is advised to use a VPN only on broadband or a Wi-Fi system.

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The Best Way to Access Pandora in China – VPN (Step-by-Step Guides to Set Up A VPN Service on iOS device)

First, you should register and sign up with a VPN service, and next you should install its apps into your iPhone or iPad or android device, and then move on some set-up on your device, last you can smoothly use the VPN internet successfully, here below is the guide on how to set up a VPN on iPhone. This guide is also applied to iPad. If you now are not familiar with all steps or can’t finish processes by yourself, you can contact our online support!

Step 1: Tap Settings >>> General >>> Network >>> VPN

Step 2: Click Add VPN Configuration, select type of configuration (IKEv2, IPSec, L2TP or PPTP) depending on the type of VPN you want to connect to, and click then Back.

Step 3: Enter your VPN’s account information on this screen to connect-server, account and password. You get these data from the VPn service in the e-mail after your ordering the VPN. Fill the Secret field – secret (small letters). If your VPN is provided by your workplace, it should provide you with these details.Enter the information for your VPN in the corresponding fields. If you used a proxy, make sure to enable it towards the bottom of the settings page.

Please note: Server address must be exactly as in your account data (without http://, www or any other symbols)

Step 4: Tap Done to save the settings.

Step 5: After finish setting up your VPN, go back to homescreen, tap Settings, then see a VPN option which will appear only when you have a VPN installed. Toggle the switch to On.

Step 6: Then iPhone will connect to VPN server. If an error message pops up, go back into your VPN settings and make sure all your settings are input correctly. Besides, if you want to set up multiple VPNs on your iPhone or iPad, you can switch between them by heading to Settings >>> General >>> VPN—on the same screen where you added those VPNs.

Video Guide on How to Access Pandora in China

Conclusion (How to Access Pandora in China?)

How to access Pandora in China? It is necessary to use a VPN to help access Pandora in China. When using a VPN, you benefit from a range of privacy benefits. You can change IP address, route your Internet activity through a remote third-party server, conceal your search activity, and make your traffic completely anonymous so hackers and governments who’d like to snoop into your online activities can’t know your identity. If you’re searching for truly anonymous browsing, a VPN is the way to go. With a VPN, you can enjoy fast streaming. There is no hang while you’re playing music on Pandora. And it will not be a problem when playing games or watching movies and videos.

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