Hi there, I don’t know why GTA IV runs so slow for me. I installed it on last week and then expecting to play it. However I am disappointed because it runs slowly and video is working like slow motion.
My system configuration is alien ware m17x R3
Intel core i7-2720QM CPU @ 2.20Ghz 2.20 GHz
1.5 GB nvidia geforce gtx 460m
I think these are well above the requirements for the game to play, I’m now confused as to what to do… I’ve tried changing the resolution of the game, etc. But doesn’t work. Can you find a fix for this? Please.


Why GTA IV Runs Slow?

The reason is you’re lagging so badly instead of with burning your retinas out with HD. Solve these, among other obvious performance issues like antivirus, low/slow RAM, or a crappy graphics card; then the game should run fine! As for the random ass post about updating for obvious improvements, the updates don’t speed up your hardware any, though, but the bigger updates made available include graphical options for graphical settings! Before we had to manually adjust the game’s INI to set things right. 64 bit would undoubtedly lower the workload of both the cpu and ram. Not to mention: the physical reason GTA IV has a low fps on even high end dual-core processors is because the game was designed for Quad cores and especially not single cores. XP won’t utilize the full performance of a dual processor, while as Windows 7 will.

The odd thing about this game is that it does not use the Graphics chip to process its memory it uses the Processor, the reason it lags is simply because your processor is not strong enough. to solve the problem install ram medic and free the ram and also cleaner to clean registry and there you can disable unused start up items to consume less ram and make GTA IV run faster. Another reason is that a game or app would lag on anyone’s PC is if you’re not tech-savvy enough to investigate with what the hell is actually happening. There are different types of “lagging” that suggests completely different remedies.

If your PC meets the specs, but you still lag: then it might be something in the background. And if your under specs for CPU, but have everything else over recommended specs- then you are going to have a low-fps based on your graphics settings. The most common of these posts so far suggests you guys are overheating your hardware or are unknowingly over clocking your hardware which GTA IV usually has trouble working with. Check your BIOS, OS, hardware, and grocery list before you submit there’s some sort of “bug” with your stuff.

How to fix when GTA IV Runs Slow?

Step 1: Move the entire folder closer to the outside of the disk. Don’t place it at the absolute outside as that should be where your page file, and other system critical files sit for best system performance. If it’s on a different partition to your OS then move it over to the primary partition. Please note that every partition you add to your drive will cause a 10% reduction in the drives performance for that section. So a drive with 3 partitions will be fast on the first and loose 20% on the third.

Step 2: Organize disk fragmentation. When you use windows own it will find free space and fill it with any file that will fit. Meaning GTA could in theory be spread right across the disk but because the files aren’t fragmented the OS will think all is ok. So you should get a decent defragged that allows file placement.

Step 3: A bad and fragmented registry can cause issues with GTA IV so use cleaner and run it a few times till you get everything. Then reboot your computer(always reboot after cleaning the registry).

Warm prompt: If you still cannot solve the problems from the above methods and If it is trouble for you. You can contact Yoocare/Yoosecurity Online Expert to help you. Let’s start live chat:

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