Google search is the largest search engine in the world and used by the most people also. It is also rated to be the most powerful search engine. People may think Google knows everything and we can search out everything by Google. However, Google search is not so omniscient as what people image. Google is like a jack-of-all-trades but does not know everything more detailed and informative. There are other search tools or resources doing better than Google at finding specific resources and information. For special searching, you can select these 6 free search sites as following:

JustWatch – Finding Streaming Movies

If you want to search favorite movies and other streaming contents, it is the best to use JustWatch to do this. JustWatch is a free search site combining with streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, YouTube, iTunes, Roku and Vudu, and it will show where a particular movie is available to stream.

Giphy – Finding GIFs

Giphy site is better at helping internet users to find GiFs. Well, here you should know that GIF is not static but like an animated video. Giphy offers a full range of GIFs and is the best place for people who want to find more funny GIFs. You just need to enter what you want to want search about the GIF, then zillions of GIFs shows up. If you search GIFs through Gihpy on mobile, you can instantly share any GIFs via Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat and more other messaging apps. – Coders and Developers’ Favorite

If you are coder or developer, search will do more help. The site provides thousands of different open-source software which are all free to the public. And coder and developer can use these open-source software for their programing projects. WordPress, PyPi, Rubygems, Atom, Platform IO and others are listed in a wide range.

Bing – Helping Make Money

Bing is created by Microsoft to compete with Google. Microsoft has a Microsoft Rewards program which pays users to use their search engine Bing. It will pay you by Amazon, Starbucks, Burger King, Xbox, Microsoft Store or other types of gift cards, as well as sweepstakes entries. You just need to register a Microsoft account and log into Bing and search to earn reward points. Their system can check your points. – More Private Search Engine

StartPage.come look a bit like Google. It is created to maintain user’s privacy. This search engine never collect data or keep tabs on your movements. Many Internet users like to use this search engine and register an account to use’s free email service.

DuckDuckGo – Search without Being Tracing by Google

Like StartPage, DuckDuckGo also retains privacy for users. DuckDuckGo has an intuitive interface. If you concern more about your privacy, DuckDuckGo search engine is a good alternative to Google. It does not collect your IP address or searching histories. So, there are no targeted ads. You won’t be trapped in a search filter bubble. Actually, you can browse anonymously on the internet.

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