Google may want to use blockchain technology to protect audit information, according to a newly disclosed patent application.

The U.S. patent and trademark office issued a patent applications submitted in September last year, Google company shows they want to use technology to create a block chain “tamper-proof” log, which can store the signature, whether the information stored in the authentication system is modified, and to provide a clear path to find what information is modified, and when to modify.

According to the application, Google will use two blocks, chain, is called a “target block chain” (including the “signature” for the first time), another is a independent block chain, will be used to store the signature verification of data.

Google explains:
“This solution can through the electronic equipment to add a new block to the target blocks in the chain, then a new connection to the existing the block and the second chain block, and the second block chain is identified by generating signature.After that, the new block contains the first and second signatures, which can also be associated with other new blocks. Both the target block chain and the second block chain can be part of the block.”

According to Google’s patent, the blockchain can be based on multiple data storage Spaces or devices, or the entire block chain can be stored on a single device.

Disclosed by Bloomberg: Google is currently developing a “blockchain related platform” to support its cloud business. However, Google has not confirmed when the projects will be commercially available, and the company spokesman said it was too early to speculate on any possible USES or plans.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on March 23, 2018 6:20 am

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