What is this Helpctr.exe? It wastes a lot of my CPU! My computer is extremely slow. It takes too much time to boot up the computer. I’m not a computer literate. I don’t know too much about this thing. My anti-virus program shows me nothing harmful in my computer. If this belongs to virus, why my protection tool cannot detect it? What should I do now? Is there any method that I can use to reduce the CPU usage of it?

Brief Introduction to This Helpctr.exe

This Helpctr.exe can be found in task manager, many people can realize that this process occupies a large percent of CPU usage. People can be cheated by the name of it. Technically speaking, if this process occupies a large percent of CPU uasge, computer can be infected by a trojan that mainly attacks computers with Windows operating systems. This infection can use a fake name to trick people. Cyber hackers who create this trojan infection can use the Internet to spread. Many websites that have been hakced can be implanted this Helpctr.exe Trojan infection, once people who come to visit those infected web pages, this trojan can attack the vulunerabilities on the target computers and invade the computers without consent. Also, many freeware that can be found and downloaded on reliable resources can be another way for this trojan to spread.
Once this Helpctr.exe trojan infection infiltrate into target computer, it can generate a lot of problems to the infected system. As it is forged as a system process, computer user is hard to detect the computer is infected. Anti-virus program can also be unable to detect it for PC user. What’s more, this Helpctr.exe infection is able to change the windows registry and corrput system related files. It can add its entries to the system registry so that it can be activated from the startup. Many broken system files can lead a bad result to the infected system. Infected computer can run improperly with many unwanted errors.

As it can be activated once the computer is on, this Helpctr.exe Trojan is able to hide itself in the backdoor and consume many CPU. The performance of the infected computer can be slowed down which may take too much time to launch other programs. The whole infected system can be in great risk. This Helpctr.exe Trojan is designed by hackers for many purposes. The main purpose is that cyber criminals can use this trojan to get illegal access to the infected computer remotely. Once the infected computer is under control of hackers, they can gain everything they need on the infected computer, bank details,credit card numbers and other financial information are the main targets for they to steal. The whole process of burglary is undetectable. People cannot easily realize that until they suffer from money losses.

Some Traits about This Trojan

-Can slow down the performance of the computer, or even blue screen.
-Can create many junk files which occupy a lot of space in hard drive
-Can download other malicious programs into computer, which make further damage.
-Your sensitive information can be stolen by hacker who can access to your computer with the help of this adware.
-Cay give you many redirects all the time no matter what you are doing.
-May pretend as an anti-virus program and cheat you that computer is in dangerous, and ask you to pay to remove the threats.

NOTE: If you find any of these symptoms on your computer, that proves your PC is under attack and seriously infected. If you are not a computer savvy,Please contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts to remove this Helpctr.exe Trojan for you.

Manual Removal Guide of Trojan (For Computer Literate)

There is a removal guide of Trojan provided here; however, expertise is required during the process of removal, please make sure you are capable to do it by yourself.

Step 1: Find Ctrl, Alt, and Delete these 3 keys and then press them together to open task manager to end the process related to this Helpctr.exe, the name of the process of it is random.

XP task manager

Step 2: Try to find Folder Options in Control Panel, select the View tab, and then tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.


Step 3: Try to find the files which relate to this Helpctr.exe, and delete them all.

Step 4: Click on Start button at the right lower corner, then click on Control Panel


Then you will come to the Control Panel windows, click on Add and Remove Programs


Then try to find the program which relates to this Trojan.Denpur, highlight it and choose Remove, the program’s name is random.


Step 5: Click on Start button or press Win+R, then type regedit in the box to open Registry Editor, after that, try to find
C:\Users\profile name here\AppData\

Similar video guide to modify Windows registry:


Helpctr.exe is not a system process, once people find this process in task manager, the best way to deal with it is to have a complete check on the computer. This trojan infection can bring lots of problems and damages to the infected computer. It can slow down the computer perfomance by wasting CPU usage. The real purpose for this trojan infection to do is to steal fiscal information from computer user on the infected system. Once cyber criminals get the financial details, they can use the information for other illegal activities.
Suggestion: To follow removal guide that mentioned above, a level of computer knowledge is needed. Still can’t get out of Helpctr.exe Trojan? Contact online experts for help now!

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