My Dell laptop won’t connect to the Wi-Fi but can see the wifi routers account, or more correctly says “limited connection”. Every other pc, laptop and phone in the house can connect to the wifi very well. This Dell laptop won’t connect ever since the auto-upgrade to windows 8.1. I would consider that the problem is with the router except that all my other devices connect to it just fine. Also it should be noted that this Dell did connect and use the wifi router just fine until the upgrade to 8.1. So I didn’t think it is the router problem, but I confounded by why this won’t work. Do you have any suggestions? Please help me.

Why computer won’t connect to the WiFi? How to fix?

Are you annoying with the computer won’t connect to the WiFi? Actually, this is a popular problem. We all think that take having an always on wireless internet connection for granted: we’re used to it just being there when we need it. Unless you’re particularly unlucky and plagued by broadband problems, or live in a remote part of the country, fast access to the internet, allowing the streaming of audio and high-definition video, is the norm. But the problem with this is that things go wrong so infrequently that we’re not used to fix them. When something does go awry with the WiFi connection on your computer, it is tricky to know where to start. If your computer won’t connect to the WiFi, maybe the problem is your router or your broadband provider’s network, or there is an issue with your own WiFi network. You can check the first by following your broadband provider’s advice.

Some tips to fix computer won’t connect to the WiFi

Tips 1: Move the router closer to the Mac. If you use primarily one device, such as a MacBook try moving your wireless router closer to the position of the MacBook.

Tips 2: Get the router up high. Avoid placing your Wi-Fi router at a height lower that furniture pieces, cabinets or other items.

Tips 3: Avoid other electrical devices. Other electrical devices, such as electric fans, motors, microwaves and wireless phones are all common causes of wireless interference. Try to position the router away from them, or move them away from the router.

If your wireless router has extendable antennae, then place one vertically, and one horizontally. This type of positioning will ensure that get the best reception for your wireless router. This is because the reception is maximised when both the device and antennea is along the same plane (so having one up and one horizontal boosts the chance of this). You can get much better connection between your computer and a WiFi router by repositioning the router.

Manual Guides to fix computer won’t connect to the WiFi

Step 1: Ping testing. Click the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the bottom left-hand corner and type “cmd” into the search bar.

Step 2: A black box with a flashing cursor will open; this is the Command Prompt. Type “ping” and then hit the Space bar on your keyboard.

Step 3: Type in the address you’d like to ping and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Wait for the ping results.

Step 4: If a ping test fails, you see error warnings similar to one of the following instead of the ping test results shown above:

• Request timed out
• Destination host unreachable
• Transmit failed, error code #

If a ping test fails, you may need to troubleshoot your internet connection.
With certain browsing issues, you may be able to ping a DNS server, but not a web address. If this is the case, you should try manually setting your DNS server.

Note: The above following steps just one of the solutions to fix the computer won’t connect to the WiFi. If you still can’t fix the problem with yourself, welcome to contact our PC Experts to help you.

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