Can’t get rid of Attentive Antivirus Virus from your laptop? Recently, there is a new fake anti-virus program attacking user’s computer worldwide, it can block your access to the internet and disable your task manager and registry editor. And you are required to buy Attentive Antivirus Reg Key or Activation code. What is worse, it can stop your real anti-virus software running.

How to Remove Attentive Antivirus Virus From Your Computer?

The fake Attentive Antivirus Virus is an attack that pretends to be a legitimate computer scanning program that has detected security issues on the computer, but in reality it is just a sophisticated virus that has been created by hackers, who use it as a way to steal money from unsuspecting and naive users. When this attack is successfully installed on a computer it will alter the system settings to cause this fake alert to display when the computer is started, and it appears to be performing a virus scan. It resembles a real virus scanning tool, so most users will not find this unusual at all and think that it is just the normal scan being performed.

When the fake scan on Attentive Antivirus Virus main screen is finished it displays a list of viruses and corrupt files that have been detected. Just like a real virus scanning tool it gives the option to delete all of the threats, but if the user selects this option it will alert them that the software needs to be updated to the full paid version in order to remove the corrupt files. If the user follows through and submits payment they have just handed over their credit card information to cyber criminals. Not only will they charge them for this fake upgrade but they may also make additional fraudulent charges with the credit card details or they might include it along with all of the other credit cards that they steal and sell them all on the black market to other criminal organizations. The fake Attentive Antivirus Virus will display several alerts while using the computer to further scare the user.

None of the alerts are real, they are all completely fake and they are programmed by the fake Attentive Antivirus Virus to continue to scare the user until they upgrade to the paid version. This attack also disables many of the programs on the computer, including any legitimate virus tools. If the user attempts to open a program that has been blocked the following message will be displayed: Attentive Antivirus Virus has blocked a program from accessing the internet. You can’t do anything at the moment, what you will do is find an efficient solution to rescue your computer.

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Screenshot of Fake Attentive Antivirus Virus


What Will The Attentive Antivirus Virus Do On A Computer?

The virus scanning screens look real and they have spent a lot of time replicating authentic virus scanning programs. Since most users have run the scanning software that came installed on their PC this familiar look and feel tricks many into submitting their credit card information to these criminals. IF you have fallen victim to this scam you need to contact your credit card company right away and dispute the charge as well as cancel the credit card and have a new account number issued. There is not telling who has access to the credit card details and it is better to be safe than sorry.

To stop the annoying fake messages you can enter the following license key: 2233-298080-3424. This will stop the message from being displayed but it will not remove the rogue Attentive Antivirus Virus from the computer. It is important that this code be used just to stop the messages from popping up so you can remove the virus from the computer. We provide full manual removal instructions below that can be followed to completely remove the virus from the PC.

Manual Removal Step by Step Instructions

Step A: Restart computer in safe mode with networking. To do this, keep hitting F8 key during system startup till an Advanced boot option screen and safe mode options show up; use arrow keys to highlight wanted option and hit Enter key afterwards(This is just for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, if the OS is Windows 8, click here for more details):

safe mode with networking

Step B: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the Windows Task manager to stop the progress of the scam. Because the name will be changed fast, it will be shown with different names:

Step C: Delete all the files related to Attentive Antivirus fake AV :

Step D: Delete registry entries of this infection created in computer system.

The fake scan that the virus performs alerts the user about the threats that have been detected and gives the option to delete them all from the computer. Of course the user is going to click on this because they want to quickly remove anything that presents potential danger. Once this option is chosen it notifies the user that the software needs to be upgraded to the paid version in order to remove the infected files that have been detected. Many users are tricked by the fake Attentive Antivirus Virus and submit their credit card details to upgrade, and the hackers will charge them for a fake upgrade. Also, this puts the users credit card details in the hands of criminals and they could potentially use the credit card to make additional fraudulent purchases or sell it on the black market to cyber criminal organizations.

If you have been scammed by this attack it is important to quickly call the credit card company and dispute the charge as well as cancel the card and have them issue a new card with a new account number. This can help to prevent fraudulent charges causing a problem down the road.

Video Guide to Remove Fake Attentive Antivirus Program From Regedit


Up to now, you understood Attentive Antivirus Virus is a computer attack that attempts to trick the user into believing that it is a legitimate virus scanning program claiming to have detected threats and viruses on the computer. Once the virus has been installed it will pop up and perform a virus scan that looks authentic and closely resembles the real virus programs that come installed on many Windows based computers. This malware also adjusts the system settings when it installs and blocks the real anti-virus and virus scanning software on the computer. It is important to remove the Fake Attentive Antivirus Virus malware as soon as possible to prevent further damage. The best way to make sure that it is fully removed is to follow the manual removal instructions above and completely check all file folders to ensure that all of the files have been removed.

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