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F-Secure Safe is an internet security solution provided by F-Secure service. This protection package can be used on Windows PC, Mac, Smartphone and tablet. F-Secure Safe has been designed to be a high-performance protection to block viruses, malwares, ransomware, spyware, Trojans, phishing attacks, identity theft and more. F-Secure Safe is powerful in detecting and removing both advanced and classic virus and malware thing. SAFE has such remarkable features as antivirus, banking protection, ransomware protection, and parental control. And F-Secure SAFE offers the internet security for free trial. Customers can have 30-day free trial to test the Internet Security on 3 devices. And now F-Secure provides up to 50% off discount code or coupon code. Banking protection is a distinctive feature provided in this SAFE package. This banking protection helps safeguard all your bank information when you do payment on the internet. Parental control is an effective measure to help parents to supervise what their children are doing on the internet. Ransomware protection detects and removes those advanced malwares even has not been classified into virus or malware list.

Choose Your Favorite Plans and Packages (Up to 50% DISCOUNT on Every Plan)

  • Up to 3 Devices/Year $69.99 $34.99 
  • Up to 5 Devices/Year $89.99 $44.99
  • Up to 7 Devices/Year $109.99 $54.99

You can Try F-Secure SAFE Internet Security for Free

Besides, F-Secure provides F-Secure SAFE Internet Security for free. It is a free trial for 30 days and 3 devices. That means you can use this F-Secure SAFE Internet Security without any charge on up to 3 devices. With this 30-day Free Trial, you can freely test and experience the performance and features, even the advanced technologies utilized in the F-Secure SAFE internet security. and you can know how it works strongly to protect the device and gives you real-time protection and privacy on the internet. That is why many users now choose this F-Secure SAFE. It gives up to 50% off discount code and coupon on this F-Secure SAFE to help customer to earn more savings. And if you are a new beginner to use this F-Secure, you should not miss out this F-Secure SAFE Internet Security 30-day free trial. It is a good opportunity to help you decide if the F-Secure product is your great choice and best matches the price it asks. During the free trial period, you don’t need to obligate to buy the product. So, it is the great choice for new customers. Therefore, you are not asked to provide any credit card or banking details during the 30-day free trial. So, you don’t have to worry if F-Secure would charge your money once the 30-day free trial is expired. You are allowed to test and try this F-Secure SAFE Internet Security freely with total ease.

Why People Like to Choose F-Secure SAFE?

Many customers prefer this F-Secure SAFE plan not only for the big discount code up to 50% now, but also different useful and professional features and technologies used in this F-Secure SAFE. This plan includes antivirus, browsing and banking protection, family rules or parental control and ransomware protection. All these features are powerful to protect your devices like PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets from viruses, spyware, ransomware, malware, identity theft, phishing attacks and more, but also gives parents a useful measure to protect their children when they are surfing on the internet anywhere and anytime. It is more convenient for parents to monitor and guide their children to have a good internet habit actually. And meanwhile, it helps parents protects their children from being attacked by spam contents online. Your sensitive information especially financial data about credit card, your bank and others will also be completely protected by this F-Secure SAFE as it has a special feature called banking protection.

  • Anti-Virus of F-Secure SAFE

Actually every plan provided by F-Secure includes this Anti-virus feature which is a basic protection from virus, spyware, ransomware, malware and other cyberattacks. Antivirus or security tool is always the tool or software to help internet users block these online threats. It usually can scan, detect and remove the dangerous files, extensions, add-ons and other suspicious things from your PC, Mac and mobile devices. Virus is a harmful and aggressive files which can replicate itself and spread to other devices. It even can spread faster than other threats through network to target more devices connecting with same infected network. However, F-Secure’s antivirus can regularly update their software to be the newest version and have the strongest performance to catch and kill the newest virus and other attacks sneaking into your devices. Any potentially suspicious and malicious things and files will be detected and deleted by F-Secure’s antivirus.

  • Banking Protection of F-Secure SAFE

Banking Protection is a new and special feature designed by F-Secure and especially added into the F-Secure SAFE plan. Banking Protection mainly prevents your bank information about credit card, debit card, PayPal, your bank and other payment modes information from being hacked stolen by malware, identity theft, phishing attacks and cyber hackers. F-Secure SAFE’s banking protection handles all your online banking activities like bill transferring, making payment and sending money securely and all your online banking activities will be also safeguarded in a secure shield and tunnel. How does this banking protection feature work to keep your banking information safe? Once you install and run this F-Secure SAFE on your device like computer, banking protection will soon activate. So, ever time when you start your computer and open your online bank, this banking protection is on immediately. And F-Secure Safe will detect and shut down all connections, programs and applications which is considered to be not secure. Banking Protection of F-Secure SAFE works like a safe connection between your online bank and internet. All banking information will just go through the secure tunnel. No one can access and steal your private and important banking data. Banking Protection makes customer do shopping online with total ease. And customers can enjoy secure digital life online.

  • Parental Control of F-Secure SAFE

Parental Control is now an important feature included in security solution. Now more and more children also frequently surf on the internet not only for browsing websites but sometimes learning something through the internet like videos, online class and so on. However, you should know that internet is also a place breeding those cyber hackers. Hackers can use different method to spy on what people do on the internet and send people malicious things, and even some suppliers promote their product through displaying unwanted popups and ads to interrupt people. But children don’t know much about this staff thing would carry malicious contents or programs. Some malicious and spam contents would guide children into bad online habits and give them bad concept. Therefore, many parents need some assistant measure to help supervise and monitor what their children do on the internet. Parental Control is specifically designed to solve this problem actually. In order to help parents create a healthy online environment for their children, F-Secure SAFE’s parental control gives time limits, app control, content blocking and finder to help parents parents supervise and monitor their children online activities. Parental control makes parents just sit down there but can supervise all activities of their children. Parents can work while managing their children.

Time Limits is a measure to restrict their children how much time can be spared on the internet. parents can set the time according to their requirement. For example, parents can set the internet and chosen apps usually used by children to be closed at 9 PM during the weekdays and at 10 PM on weekend days. Or parents can limit the time in a more detailed restriction. Time Limits on surfing on the internet make children not be addicted into the network like playing games, chatting for a long time and makes bad friends. Since the internet gives too much different contents which may have a bad impact on children.

App control allows parents to check what apps is installed by their children. Some apps are not safe enough for the system even infected with malicious programs. But children don’t know much about this knowledge but continue to use the app. If the app is really infected with malicious program, it will soon attack the device even scare the children. Therefore, App control can make parents decide which apps can be used or uninstalled in order to give a secure device and online environment for their children.

Content blocking is a necessary measure and solution to block any potentially unfavorable and spam content. Some contents are not suitable for children to watch and read on the internet, and parents can use this content blocking to prohibit such a content. On the internet, there are many different contents spreading there. Some are spam, porn, malicious or dangerous, which are not good for children’s concept and daily habits even has a bad impact on their mental education. Therefore, it is necessary to block such a bad content to impact children.

Finder works like a locating system which allows parent to locate their children’s devices and monitor them on a map anywhere and anytime. It is a great solution to supervise if their children are still at home or outside or get lost on the go. And parents can make a timely measure to help their children. It is really convenient for parent to check where their children are going to. If any accidents happen to children, parents can know soon and ask for help in time.


F-Secure SAFE is a powerful and useful plan and has advantages over other plans and package. So, many customers like to choose this F-Secure SAFE plan as their protection solution. What’s more, right now F-Secure provides up to 50% off F-Secure SAFE coupons and discount code, which will make customers get more saving and enjoy a worry-free protection solution. F-Secure always gives customer advanced and newest protection solution in order to give customers more secure online environment. The F-Secure product and service is really worth the price completely. 50% off Discount code and coupon is offered in a limited time. If you have used already this F-Secure product, you should not miss out this opportunity. F-Secure SAFE has all security features and solutions to help customers to enjoy completely secure online environment. You are protected against virus, malware, spyware, ransomware and other cyberattacks, and you can have many secure solutions to safeguard your children’s online activities. What’s more, no personal private information especially banking information will be exposed to hackers or stolen by online threats due to some reason. Now you can try 50% off F-Secure Safe discount code to experience this excellent SAFE solution provided by F-Secure. Hurry up, don’t miss it out!

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