Are you now looking for DreamHost Renewal coupons, promos and discounts for your plans? But you don’t find it anywhere? DreamHost does provide special offer but it is only available for new customers. That means last or regular customers can’t use their DreamHost coupons, promos and discount right now. But if you are a new customer to DreamHost, you are easy to enjoy the money-saving plan. So, how can you renew your plan and package with money-saving measure? Even though there are no available DreamHost renewal coupons, promos and discounts for regular customers, you can think about an excellent alternative to DreamHost. Now there are many different hosting service providers displaying on the market, but there is not so many top-rated and reputable hosting services. It is wise to choose a doing-dong hosting service to replace with DreamHost if there are no DreamHost Renewal Coupons, Promos and Discounts to renew your DreanHost plan. Here we strongly recommend a top-rated hosting service to alternate this DreamHost. Namecheap is the great choice as it owns a high reputation. This Namecheap brand is using and trusted by millions of customers worldwide. And Namecheap has renewal coupons, promos and discounts for their hosting service plan even domains.

About DreamHost

DreamHost is a solid hosting service provider. And more than 4000,000 customers are using DreanHost service in more 100 countries across the world. Millions of websites are managed and hosted by DeamHost. They provide hosting services including Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting and WooCommerce Hosting. DreamHost always give website builder and domain names. Hosting plans of DreamHost are easy to use and full-feature. DreamHost aims at growing your website faster. DreamHost service always make sure your website secure and uptime in order to help increase your website conversion. Web hosting is always a useful and effective solution to help customers including personal, business, organizations and companies to put their websites together their products and services visible on the internet. Then other visitor can view and purchase their products and services. DreamHost gives various hosting plans working for all website hosting requirements to put customers’ words, photos, creations, missions and other contents of their products or services online. DreamHost knows that your website is your important business. So they take customers’ requirements seriously.

Different types of DreamHost hosting plans: Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting and others are used by different users for their different needs for their websites. Shared Hosting is a common hosting plan provided by almost hosting service companies. Shared Hosting is the most affordable and effective choice for people who start their online stores. Shared Hosting is a costless plan as customers have to share the server’s resources with other customers. But there are limitations. If other websites on the same server receive massive amount of traffic, or use much server’s limited resources, your websites would possibly run in a slower speed. WordPress Hosting is based on WordPress platform and is easy to use and operate. Customers can easily build and manage their website easily with WordPress Hosting as WordPress has tons of themes, tools, extension and built-in plugins to assist customers to finish website hosting. Compared to Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting can make server which hosts your site independent from others. Resources on VPS server are more isolated, so other websites will not affect your website performance. VPS Hosting is the optimal solution to make website run faster and more powerful. Similarly, Dedicated Hosting mainly makes your site working on dedicated server. DreamHost dedicated servers are fully-managed and business grade servers. DreamHost Cloud Hosting is built in Cloud platform which is usually used to host static data for customer’s websites, store backups, or develop the next big things.

DreamHost gives reliable and secure hosting plans, but now they have no DreamHost Renewal Coupons, Promos and Discounts on their web hosting for last customers. Only new customers to DreamHost can use the coupons and promos to purchase their first plan. So, customers who want a renewal should have an excellent alternative to DreamHost. Namecheap is the top recommended alternative to DreamHost. Namecheap provides full-featured even all-in-one hosting plans and other security solutions. If you need register a domain, Namecheap also provides Domain Names for customers to choose from.

Why Namecheap is a Great Alternative to DreamHost

Namecheap is an outstanding hosting company with a high-reputation. And actually Namecheap has advantage over other hosting competitors in industry. Namecheap has developed into a best-in-class hosting providers offering many different cutting-edging and innovative hosting plans like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting and more. All Hosting plans are given in different discount right now. What’s more, Namecheap even provides different plans for SSL Certificates like PositiveSSL, EssentialSSL, InstantSSL, PremiumSSL, EssentialSSL Wildcard, PositiveSSL Wildcard and more. Namecheap gives their self-developed WhoisGuard technology which is crucial privacy protection for customers and their websites even for visitors. It safeguards personal information sent to the site from hackers. SSL Certificate works together with WhoisGuard makes Namecheap hosting more trustful and credible to customers. Therefore, Namecheap host is chosen to be the top recommended alternative to DreamHost.

  • Up to 50% off Shared Hosting Plans by Namecheap

If you used the DreamHost Shared Hosting, now you can think about changing to use this Namecheap Sharing hosting plan, because now Namecheap provides up to 50% off Shared Hosting plans. Even though Shared Hosting has some drawbacks in sharing the same resources on a single server with many other websites of customers, it is the really the most simple and affordable solution to launch your website before you don’t have so much money to launch a larger business online. Shared Hosting is a great choice for those who just start their first website online and have not so much experience in hosting and managing websites and business on the internet. It not only save your money but also can help you learn more about hosting plan and let your know which hosting plan should be your best fit in future if you want to make change to Shared Host plan.

Namecheap Shared Hosting plan is also a business-class package for customers. Namecheap provides three different plans in this Shared hosting. You can enjoy unmetered bandwidth, at least 3 websites hosted, easy-to-use website builder and you can choose the datacenter you want (UK or US). The upper plan allows you to have unlimited websites hosted and unmetered disk space storage. Namecheap provides free SSL certificate in Shared Hosting. SSL Certificate is a strong guarantee to ensure your website security. It is the best solution to keep customers chat, talk, bank, shop and other online activities through your website secure and private. Hackers can’t access your internet traffic as SSL Certificate uses the strong encryption method to protect encrypt all traffic. Namecheap Shared Hosting gives free website domain name, free WhoisGuard and up to 50 Positive SSL Certificates.

  • 50% OFF Namecheap WordPress Hosting

Namecheap now also gives up to 50% OFF discount and promos on their WordPress Hosting for yearly plan. If you have no available DreamHost Renewal Coupons, Promos and Discounts, you can use this Namecheap WordPress Hosting as an alternative. WordPress Hosting is also an easy solution to make and host websites. It is also one of the fast and easy-to-use hosting way for new starters to use to get their first website online. WordPress Hosting is also the affordable even costless hosting method to build and design website. All plans of Namecheap WordPress Hosting gives such benefits as Namecheap cloud, Temporary EasyWP freed domain, easy backups and restores, SFTP files access and 30-day money-back guarantee. Namecheap’s WordPress Hosting is a cheap plan but powered by the latest and high-level of cloud technology. Namecheap provides blazing-fast speed in your website. Then visitor can easily load up your website even though a peak of visitor traffic happens.

WordPress Hosting has WordPress platform which has thousand of themes, easy-to-use plugins and extension to help customers build everything customers want. It has an intuitive interface or dashboard to help you write, edit and publish your blog easily. With the given themes and plugins, you can make and design your websites beautiful and powerful without spending time. Namecheap adopts SFTP to create backups, alter domains and access your files and documents. With SFTP, customers don’t have to build other accounts and remember different passwords. You can share credentials with others by using SFTP feature. SFTP files access is a helpful tool to design and build websites. Besides, under WordPress Hosting, there is a maintenance mode which can check the newest update for your site in order to make your website work in a faster speed. SSL Certificates are used to keep sites hosted by WordPress hosting plan secure. So visitors can securely do any online activities through the website. Anyway, Namecheap provides affordable even cheap WordPress Hosting plan to help design your site and put your business online.

  • Namecheap VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is an important and must-have hosting plan provided by almost hosting service providers. Namecheap has over decades of experience in VPS hosting service for customers worldwide. VPS hosting is based on dedicated server, which usually makes websites run in a faster speed. Namecheap VPS Hosting is a premium solution for customers who want a more powerful and complex website. VPS Hosting can increase the website performance. VPS Hosting gives customers isolated server. VPS hosts website in an isolated server. You don’t need to share resources with other websites on a single server. Compared to Shared Hosting, VPS gives independent server, and your website performance will not be affected or interrupted by other websites. To illustrate, if other websites on a single server have massive visitor traffic, your website will be slowed down a lot if you apply Shared Hosting. VPS Hosting gives customers isolated server resources, which will make customers experience more consistent performance. Once the website performance improves and increases, website will responds faster and attract more new visitors. Namecheap VPS Hosting is a full-featured hosting plan. Namecheap provides faster SSD storage and full root access. You can freely choose your favorite operating systems and optional cPanel. High-performance network is used to support VPS servers in order to guarantee the blazing-fast download and site loading speeds. Namecheap VPS Hosting is usually chosen by people whose website or application requires heavy resource demands or those expecting higher website performance. That’s why most customers choose VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting plan. Namecheap VPS Hosting has a great ability to improve website performance and increase website conversion.

  • Namecheap Dedicated Hosting

If you are now using Shared Hosting but your website’s massive traffic has outgrown this basic Shared Hosting, you are suggested to thinks about changing to VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting. Namecheap Dedicated Hosting is based on dedicated server in order to provide your heavy-traffic website more power to make it run quickly, reliably and even without any interruption. If you have an ecommerce site, but it meets downtime, then it will heavily decrease the website sales. Therefore, it is important to improve the website performance. Dedicated Server of this hosting can greatly enhance the high traffic even your website is still in busiest time and high traffic, the website sale still keep increasing. Dedicated Hosting offers more system resources like CPU, disk Space, RAM, SSD, and other resources used only by your websites. Dedicated Hosting can make you absolutely be isolated from other websites and totally build in a single physical server. That means, with a dedicated server, a single user has a full access to all of the resources of a physical server. Dedicated Hosting is a robust hosting plan to do website hosting and building.

Namcheap’s state-of-the-art WhoisGuard and SSL Certificates

Namecheap not only has powerful and robust hosting plans but also provides reliable security solutions like WhoisGuard and SSL Certificates. That’s why Namecheap service always chosen by millions of users all over the world. That’s the other reasons why we recommend Namecheap Hosting as a strong alternative to DreamHost. Namecheap pays more attention to user’s websites security and makes every effort to increase visitors’ online security. Website performance and security have a great effect in increasing website’s ranking in searching result. That means your website will rank into a higher place in Google or other search engine. Once the searching result becomes higher, it will attract more new visitors to your site and meanwhile increase your website conversion. So, your product or service will be preferred or purchased by more and more new visitors. Your website sales will become more flourish.

SSL Certificates: Namecheap provides different levels of SSL Certificates. SSL is the Secure Socket Layer encryption which is usually activated when a user connects to the site in order to encrypt and protect communication and data happening between users and a website. SSL Certificates are important encryption to guarantee the security of such sensitive and important data like username, logins, password, bank details, credit card info and other messages sent from the users to the site. SSL Certificate uses the strong encryption method to encrypt all data and information sent to the site, which will decrease the risk of interception and data compromise a lot. If your websites is on business or ecommerce, it is necessary to have installed this SSL Certificate for website security as your website requires collecting personal information from your visitors. With protection of SSL Certificates, your website data and your visitor’s information will never be collected by hackers and other prying eyes. SSL Certificates are important security solution to prevent identity theft.

WhoisGuard: WhoisGuard technology is an important shield to prevent information such as name, email, address, phone number, credit card number, online banking and others from spammer, cyber hackers, snoopers, marketing firms and online fraudsters. WhoisGuard technology is a very important privacy protection solution. With protection of this WhoisGuard technology, you website, you and even your visitors into website will not interrupted by telemarketers, unsolicited phone calls, spam email and identity theft. WhosiGuard works like a spam killer for your email. Every email sent to whoisGuard email database will be filtered first, and then forwarded to the email address you want to send. WhoisGuard technology hides your information by replacing personal information with generic WhoisGuard contact information instead. WhoisGuard is a positive measure to prevent domain hijacking. Without privacy protection, your domain, website, contact information and other personal data will be easily exposed to cyber hackers. Once cyber hackers collect these important information, cyber hackers can easily log in your account even give your domain to another registrar. Namecheap’s WhoisGuard technology is uncrackable firewall to protect all your information securely.


Even though you have no available DreamHost Renewal Coupons, Promos and Discounts, you still can have powerful and innovative hosting service plan to host your site. Namecheap Hosting is the top recommendation due to its excellent hosting plans and best-in-class security solutions. And also actually many customers worldwide choose to use and renew Namecheap hosting service due to these important reasons. Namechea hosting and other services give their customers impressive and trustful image. Namecheap has been a high-reputation brand and has an outstanding place in hosting industry. They have many advantages over other competitors. Millions of users worldwide are suing Namecheap Hosting service. And yes, it is well-known hosting providers with over decades of rich experience in website hosting and building. Every day Namecheap needs to manage and organize thousands of websites for customers. All hosting plans like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting are popular among users. Besides, Namecheap also provides others like Reseller Hosting and Private Email Hosting. You even can contact their team to make customized solution to host your websites. In addition, Namecheap gives thousands of domains in order to help customers register a domain quickly. Namecheap is also one of the largest companied accredited by ICANN, which means Namecheap earn a high reputation and reliability in domain providing. Namecheap provides privacy and security protection SSL Certificate and WhoisGuard to ensure your information, website and your visitor’s sensitive information completely secure and private. Therefore, Namecheap is a great alternative to DreamHost. Never miss out Namecheap service.

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