Hey! Are you getting Dmfexportapi.dll Error when you start up your computer or when you run a program? Are you struggling to find an effective fixed way? Are you looking for the solutions to permanently fix it? Well then you don’t need to worry about it. This problem is widespread. You are not the only one who has this problem. It will be very easy to fix with expert’s help and we would be happy to help you fix it below.

About Dmfexportapi.dll you should know

Dmfexportapi.dll is an essential Dynamic link library file that helps to run your computer system properly. This DLL file is similar to the EXE (short for Executable) files, both of these files could make numerous programs be able to share the same functions. For example, if you edit a Microsoft Word file on Windows operating system, the DLL file would take over the print function. When you want to print your Word file, the print’s DLL files will be called and if you print the same file in another program, the same DLL file will be used. If you get this Dmfexportapi.dll error on your computer, this DLL file may have missed, corrupted or not registered in your operating system. In this case, you will be unable to run some applications or games on your computer appropriately.

What causes this error

Usually, this error occurs when you start up your computer, run a game or open an application. If you shut down your computer in improper way, the Dmfexportapi.dll may be deleted or corrupted. Once this file is missing or corrupted, you will get a pop up telling you about this error. Or if your computer gets a malicious virus, the virus could damage this file then you will get this error after you restart your computer or just open a new application.

Screenshot of this Dmfexportapi.dll error


Other common Dmfexportapi.dll Errors

DMFExportAPI.dll crash
DMFExportAPI.dll is missing
Cannot find DMFExportAPI.dll
DMFExportAPI.dll error loading
DMFExportAPI.dll was not found
DMFExportAPI.dll Access Violation
DMFExportAPI.dll could not be located

Way to fix this Dmfexportapi.dll Error

First of all, if you want to fix this error, you need to use Microsoft Register server to register the related DLL files. Surely fixing this error need a level of computer knowledge, if you are good at computer, I suggest that please contact a professional to help you to prevent from getting other serious problems.

Step 1 Click on “Start”. It locates on the left bottom of your screen. The icon is a Windows Logo.


Step 2 Type “run” into the search box, then tap Enter. Or you can press Windows Logo and “R” together on your keyboard to open then “Run” window.


Step 3 Type “cmd” into the box then tap “Enter”.


After you get this Administrator: C:\Windows\system32\cdm.exe window with the black background, you should type the effective command into it then tap “Enter” then restart your computer. After restarting, there are more steps need to be done to fix this problem. But it needs enough computer knowledge or you will get other problems. So now I advise you to contact Yoocare online experts to help you.


When your Dmfexportapi.dll file gets damaged or deleted, you will get the Dmfexportapi.dll error under the circumstance of starting your computer or run an application. Why does this file get damaged or deleted? There are two cases. One is that you have turned off your computer incorrectly. Another is that your computer has got a malicious virus which could delete your files. To fix this error completely, you should make use of the Microsoft register server. In addition, you should find the reason for getting this Dmfexportapi.dll error. If it is because of the virus, you need to remove the virus in the same time or you will get this error again.

NOTE: Don’t know how to fix this Dmfexportapi.dll error? Don’t know how to remove the virus at the same time? Contact our online professional for help now!

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