Is CyberGhost VPN free trial available? How to get CyberGhost VPN for free? I heard there’s CyberGhost 1 day free trial, free download? CyberGhost boasts pride of numerous features as well as exceptional proprietary servers from around the world. While we focus on CyberGhost free trial 2020, it is important to understand this VPN and the importance of considering it.
In the recent past, there are lots of restrictions that you are likely to stumble upon while surfing the web. That is why a virtual private network was invented to enable bypassing of the prohibitions that have been put into place.

Why is CyberGhost the Best VPN?

There is no doubt that this is the coolest VPN in the market that offers an impressive number of features and servers from across the world. Its free trial 2020 version is equally amazing as it offers all the features that are available in the premium packages. Currently, it provides 1 day free trial for all users, you can enjoy a premium VPN experience, completely free for one day. You can start your free trial for one day, no credit card required. After 1 day VPN free trial, you can upgrade to the some other paid service plans which are 45-Day Money Back Guarantee. (For 1 month plans a 14 day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked, For 6 months or greater subscriptions a 45 day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked)

Pros of CyberGhost

1. A zero-logging approach

Registering with other VPNs in the market is quite cumbersome as a lot of details must be availed. This is unlike the CyberGhost that requires no such information. As a matter of fact, this VPN was specifically established to ensure a smooth, safe, and comfortable browsing. It only requires you to download the application, install, and start enjoying your free trial version.

2. A basketful of features

This VPN offers numerous impressive features to make your stay seamless. Nobody finds out what you are doing, nobody can access your confidential information and get to enjoy the most amazing speed. All the main platforms are supported, including Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux, among others. There is a money-back guarantee for 45 days.

3. Excellent streaming

Most VPNs out there has one main disadvantage of reducing your speed of your internet as time goes by. This interferes with what you are watching, and you will be forced to watch slideshows instead. CyberGhost offers a lighting speed without bugs and lags.

4. State-of-the-art privacy protection

Every internet user is more concerned about their personal security. In the recent past, there are cases of scammers, hackers, fraudsters as well as government agencies who want to surveil what you are doing. Would you allow your data to be used for malicious purposes? That is the major reason why you should try CyberGhost free trial 2020 to prevent such incidences. With this VPN, there are no leaks, and no one can find out what you are up to.

5. Latest encryption techniques

CyberGhost, as an effective VPN, offers advanced encryption methods, thus making them always on guard. With this VPN, nobody can manage to calculate your location.

6. Offers more than 7 connections

CyberGhost will give you access to up to 7 devices all at once. This enables you to surf the internet at home, work, or anywhere as long as you have your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Privacy and Security

The major purpose for considering a VPN is achieving online privacy. That is why, in a digitalized generation, all VPNs require a modern encryption method, not to mention advanced techniques of protection. There is no doubt that CyberGhost covers all aspects of the privacy protection system.

1. Encryption and Protocols

Did you know that CyberGhost VPN utilizes top-notch encryption to protect user data? Moreover, it supports various protocols such as PPTP as well as L2PT/IPsec as well as OpenVPN. Following the fact that this VPN considers zero user logs, it is safe to use it always.

2. Special CyberGhost Features

As mentioned earlier, CyberGhost is full of useful features for enhanced protection. They include:
– Split tunneling
– 256-bit AES encryption
– Kill switch
– Dedicated P2P servers
– DNS/IP leak protection

3. Why CyberGhost free trial 2020 is more than just a VPN

Did you know that apart from the features mentioned above, CyberGhost offers a wide range of amazing extras? Most users have taken advantage of the additional features and made good use of them. If you do not need the features, you can switch them off. The extras include;
– Anti-tracking tool
– Adblocker
– HTTPS redirecting
– Malware blocker
– Data compressing
– Best location

CyberGhost Logging Policy

CyberGhost adheres to the zero-logging policy. This VPN do not collect users’ logs. With CyberGhost, your life will be at peace, quiet, and absolutely stress-free.

Is Cyberghost safe?

1. TOR Compatibility
TOR ensured optimized security. You can establish double encryption through switching CyberGhost on then run TOR browser, thus encrypting the traffic twice. Keep in mind that any negative encryption will affect performance.

2. CyberGhost Speed

CyberGhost offers amazing browsing speed. The performance, though, depends on the server selected, number of users online as well as the time of the day.

3. No Leaks Detected

CyberGhost application has built-in leak protection feature that works quite well.

4. Torrenting and Streaming

CyberGhost can unlock access to popular content repositories as well as allow downloading through torrents. There is no doubt that CyberGhost will not disappoint when it comes to this aspect compared to other VPNs.

5. Is Torrenting Allowed?

Torrenting capabilities of CyberGhost are just amazing. This software has P2P servers in numerous locations, thus gives access to torrents quite easily, especially if you are living in a region where torrenting is not allowed. This VPN allows you to download many videos as well as audio files from the best torrenting sites. CyberGhost offers unlimited access to torrents as well as share files.

CyberGhost Plans and Refund Policy / 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

All CyberGhost billing plans are included: 1-Month plan, 1-Year plan, 2-Year plan and 3-Year plan.

  • 1-Month Plan: $12.99/mo, Billed $12.99 every month.
  • 1-Year Plan: $5.99/mo, Billed $71.88 every year.
  • 2-Year Plan: $3.69/mo, Billed $88.56 every two years.
  • 3-Year Plan: $2.7/mo, Billed $99 every three years + extra 2 months free, save 79%. Best Value.

IMPORTANT: CyberGhost VPN offers one day free trial, you can try it on your desktop. And CyberGhost has a money-back guarantee without any questions asked. If you require a refund for 1-month plan, just contact them within 14 days. Monthly subscription just for 14-day risk free trial. Contact them within 45 days if you have a more than 6-month CyberGhost VPN subscription, the plan has 45-day risk-free trial.

Where and When Was CyberGhost Created?

It is worth mentioning that CyberGhost was created in 2011, in Romania, the city of Bucharest. The company enjoys the pride of good reputation, especially in producing exceptional high-quality programs that protect your data while surfing the web.

Wrapping up

In the aforesaid, it is clear that CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs in the market. It offers advanced features as well as additional extras. It enables you to enjoy a superb browsing speed as well as anonymity while accessing the internet. Moreover, it protects your information against hackers and scammers. CyberGhost free trial 2020 is a perfect version that offers all the above-discussed features as well as a money-back guarantee.

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