About Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam

Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam is collectively referred to as racketeering programs or ransomware. It has many series according to different modes of the payment of the “fine” such as infamous FBI moneypak Virus, Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus or RCMP, etc. They have almost the same features, that is to scam people for money.  When people’s PCs get infected with this kind of scam virus, computer will be completely locked. After they start their computes, they can’t access the desktop with icons, instead, a full-screen warning message will show up to scare people into paying money. This message will appear before users can get to the desktop while windows is launching. The message is fearsome because it claims that it’s from FBI or some other departments or organizations. The message looks like imperatorial for the righteousness words in the long paragraphs. Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam declares that users have intentionally committed the offense through social network services including Comcast Copyright Infringement. And it will warn users that only if they pay $100, 300$ or $400, can they be free. Otherwise, they will be prosecuted for their criminal liabilities.


This Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam was programmed to scam people for money world widely especially in U.S.A. The hackers who created this virus just pretend as the FBI and some other different departments according to different areas to scare people and ask for money so that they can earn huge profits via illegal means. Usually this virus is programmed in English, so that they can defraud people all over the world. However, this kind of scam virus or randomware has many different versions according to different areas. In United States, they would scam people in the name of FBI since FBI is one secret agency of U.S.A. In other countries, the ransomware will designed as it’s from one local national sector according to different areas. For example, if the scam virus appears in U.K., it will claim that it’s from the Cheshire Police Authority. And it will ask users to pay the so called “fine” via Ukash payment, which is a commonly used payment method in Europe. Instead, in USA, the White Screen Virus asks people to pay “fine” via Moneypak or GreenDot payment. Without  clear awareness of viruses, people would be cheated easily to pay the money to the hackers.

Warm prompt: It’s complicated for people who are not computer savvy or not familiar with the virus to remove Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam. You can contact YooCare/YooSecurity PC professional online service for help:

A More Particular Knowledge of Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Virus


Let’s take one of those different versions of Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam (ransomware) viruses for example-the FBI MoneyPak virus, the interface is so real that no wonder so many people can be easily cheated. On the top left of the full-screen message, a striking title there is “THE FBI FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION”. On the top center, a forged emblem of the FBI would be printed there so that it looks real and solemn. The cyber criminals who created this Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam just copied the emblem from the official website of the FBI then pasted on this fake locking message page. It’s very easy to do that if you are well trained in computer IT filed. So don’t think that is real although it has convincing appearance. Below the fake emblem, at the right Column, long passages will be displayed there to “explain why your computer has been locked”.  It says” Attention: Your PC is blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below”. Then it listed several items of “your criminal activities”. Those contents are all from the local constitution or some other laws. Most often, Copyright Infringement Fines Scam would accuse that you have download or spread some files without copyright, that means you get involved in Copyright Infringement. Or it would warn you that watched or spread porn over the Internet, which has been involved in lawsuits. Those sentences are fully extracted from the laws without any changing, which is easy as well as long as you have law books. On the right column of the Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam locking computer message, it will threaten you that a video is recording to monitor your activities. Under this, a small blank box is there to ask you to enter your MoneyPak code to finish the payment. It will also tell you where to buy MoneyPak. On another interface of Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam variation, a simple flow diagram of “how to unlock your computer” will be displayed as well. That is to pay cash to buy a MonyPak code, then, go back to your computer to enter the code to unlock your computer. Don’t believe that. You will only waste your money even if you enter the code, the hacker will never unlock your computer even if you paid the money as required. Even if for some reason your computer is unlocked luckily, the hackers would lock your computer again and next time, they will ask even more money. You can never satisfy them. The only right way to unlock your computer is to remove the Copyright Infringement Fines Scam completely.

Here is another version of the Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam:


How Does Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Lock PCs with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8 OS?

Quite obviously, the Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam will take up the full screen before people can get into the desktop to use their PCs. The principle is to design a rootkit to modify the startup settings for Windows. When windows is starting but before finished starting, the rootkit will take effect to pop up a full covered screen to stop Users to user keyboard or mouse to do another things except to enter the code of MoneyPak to finish the payment. When the Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam of scaring message pops up, people even can’t press any keys to export the Task Manger or other windows programs. That is to say, the rootkit will be set to start before all the programs in the computer start. This is why you can’t use your computer to do any other things. To achieve this goal, the hackers will need to add some registry files or modify some registry files in computers to change the default settings. So people even almost can’t do anything. This is the so called “lock computer”.

Can Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Also Lock A Mac PC or Mac Book?

It seems that the cyber criminals are not so clever to design a rootkit to totally lock a Mac PC or Mac book; instead, they can only create a version of Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam or FBI MoneyPak Virus to lock browsers for Mac PCs or Mac books. This means, if a Mac PC got infected with Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Virus, users still can access to desktop to use their PCs. However, their browser would be infected or hacked. The symptom is that when people open their browsers to view web sites, the horrible message of Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam would pop up firstly to scare people. The looking is almost the same with the Windows OS version. In worse situation, some people even can’t go any other web sites if they don’t remove the white screen virus from their browsers. Some people are lucky enough to use their browsers after they restart their Mac PC or books when they get Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Virus infection. And the scaring warning page would not pop up anymore. However, it’s not safe to use their PCs again since all the files are still in the PCs. Actually, if the files of the virus are still in the PCs, the hackers almost know everything in the PC. So don’t think you can pay no attention on it. The right attitude is to remove the virus as soon as possible.


Removal &Unlock Guide for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8 PC

A. based on the Mild Infection of Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Virus

People still can start their PCs in Safe mode with networking if it’s mild infection. In safe mode with networking, people can freely control their PCs to carry out the removal work plan to remove the white screen virus and unlock the infected PC.

>>>>>> Press power button to start the computer, before windows launches, keep tapping F8 key at a very fast pace, then you will see safe mode options. Use the arrow keys: Up or Down to highlight “Safe mode with networking” and press Enter.


>>>>>> After that, you will see the log in screen just like when you start your computer normally. If it asked for password to log in, you just need to enter your password to sign in. Finally, you will see the desktop with icons. In safe mode, because of a lower resolution, the icons are larger and blurry. The background is totally black.

>>>>>> Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously to get the Task Manager to stop the active processes of the Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam. To do this, you will need to click the “Processes” tag at the top then find out the suspicious processes and right click on them and select “End Process”.


>>>>>> Click “Start” menu at the lower left corner and type “regedit” in the search programs and files box and press Enter key. Then you will open the “Registry Editor”.


>>>>>> You will need to find out the suspicious registry files in the Registry Editor, They are usually located in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE. You will need to distinguish them from their “Name” and “Data” at the right column. All of them will be randomly distributed. If you are not good at this, ask for an expert for help.

registry editor

>>>>>> After you find out the suspicious registry files, you also will know where the .exe files of the virus locate. Usually, they will be in the operating system drive. To open it, you will need to click Start menu > Computer & My computer. Generally speaking, the Operating System drive is Local Disk (C:).


>>>>>> Basically speaking, all the related files of the Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Virus will be located in Windows > System32. Find out all the files of the scam virus and delete them. Make sure that all the files you deleted are viruses, not the files of the operating system. Any mistakes will cause data loss even system crash.


B. for moderate infection of Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Virus, Safe mode with networking is not available, you will need to start your infected computer in “safe mode with command prompt” do the removal work and unlock computer.

Some people find out that when they try to start their PCs in safe mode with networking, after they see the login page or enter the password, computers keep restarting or the virus page will pop up even in safe mode with networking. In this case, you have to try to remove the virus in “Safe mode with command prompt”.

>>>>>> Restart the infected computer. As the computer restarts but before Windows launches, tap “F8” key constantly.  Use the arrow keys to highlight the “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” option, and then press ENTER. Please let me know when it’s finished.

Safe mode with command prompt

>>>>>> After you select the Safe mode with command prompt, windows will start as usual, when you see the log in page, if you set a password, enter the password to log in. Then finally, you will get a black command prompt window named: CMD.EXE.  Type: EXPLORER in the command window and press Enter. You will see the start menu and desktop with icons again just like in safe mode with networking.


>>>>>> When you see the desktop with icons, next, the removal instructions to unlock computer from Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam are the same from the third step as the instructions for mild Infection.

(What calls for special attention is that Windows 8 has its own way to start in Safe mode with networking or Safe mode with command prompt)

Here is the guide to start Windows 8 PCs in Safe mode with networking or safe mode with command prompt:

1. Please press CTRL+ALT+DEL at the same time, then you will see a ‘Shut down’ button in the lower right corner.

2. Hold the ‘Shift’ key and then click ‘Shut down’ and choose’ Restart

How to boot computer in safe mode with windows 8

3. Then you will need to click on the “Troubleshoot” option.

How to boot computer in safe mode with windows 8-2

4. Now select Advanced Options.

5. Now choose the “Startup Settings” option.

How to boot computer in safe mode with windows 8-3

6. Finally hit the Restart button.

7. You will be displayed Safe mode options there. Press F5, computer will restart to safe mode with networking. And press F6, computer will restart to safe mode with command prompt.

(After you successfully restart your computer with windows 8 operating system in safe mode, follow from the third step as the mild infection solution above to continue the next steps to finish the whole removal work)

How to Clean Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Virus from Browsers for a Mac PC?

Unlike computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, a ransomware or scam virus such as Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam(block computer ransomware) can only lock the browser, rather than the whole PC. This means, people can see the normal desktop even if their PCs get infected the scam virus.

Let’s take Mozilla Firefox as an example; here are the instructions on how to remove Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Virus from a Mac PC:

>>>>>> Open Mozilla Firefox browser, then click “Tools” tag at the top and select “Options” from the drop-down list.

Firefox options

>>>>>> In the new window, click “General” tag at the top, then re-set your personal homepage from the “Home Page” box.

Firefox options-2

>>>>>> Click “Privacy” tag at the top, then make sure the “Do not tell sites anything about my tracking preferences” is checked.  And then click “clean your recent history” and “remove individual cookies”.

Firefox options-3

>>>>>> Choose those cookies or histories that you want to clean and click Clean Now, then finis the removal processes.

Firefox options-4

Firefox options-5

Words in the End:

In view of the different operating systems, the solutions will be very different. People are surprised to find that even if they installed an anti-virus program, their computers still have been infected by Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Cirus. Actually, the lock computer virus is so smart that it can bypass your anti-virus scanning. It just makes use of the bugs or vulnerabilities of your anti-virus and the operating system to attack your computers. How terrible the virus is! It’s well known that people usually get infect the Copyright Infringement Fines Scam via the Internet, such as from an unsafe web pages or links. Most often, users like downloading unknown files from unsafe web pages. Without caution, people will also download the ransomware as well. And actually, many malicious programs just disguise as legitimate programs for people downloading. This is really impossible to defend effectively. Some unknown free software may also be viruses as well. Don’t be fooled by their good looking!

The infection degrees of the Copyright Infringement Fines Scam Virus will be different according to different operating systems, so the solutions will be different as well. Basically speaking, the whole process of the removal work requires very professional skills in computer IT fields. Usually, people will need to identify all the files of the Comcast Copyright Infringement Fines Scam firstly if they want to remove the virus. However, the virus keeps changing its files’ names constantly. This makes the removal work harder and harder. If you are not an expert who is specializing computer virus removal, you almost can’t remove the locking computer scam virus by yourself.  And any mistake would cause data lose and system crash. Here a safe and efficient solution is recommended. That is to contact a PC expert such as YooCare/YooSecurity PC online service to remove the virus for you.

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