What to do if you Can’t Open Download Flies? “I can’t open any of downloaded files (word, excel…). I was able to open those files, but suddenly I encountered this problem. When I try to open files, sort of error comes up “Document Recovery: Word has recovered the following files. Save the ones you wish to keep.” and files are listed under “Available files”, but even I click file names, I can’t open files at all. Please help I can’t figure this out and need help quickly and badly.”

“This morning I cannot open downloads folder. It worked fine yesterday, but today when I tried to open it (I can see it just fine using the link C: /users/joe/downloads) it simply does not open…no error message either. I can right click on it and get to properties…I can even go to recent places and see it there but still not open it. Under “advanced properties” the two options of “run as administrator” and “run in separate memory space” are both grayed out…although run in separate memory space does have a check mark.”

“The icon of my download folder is blank. Whenever I click it, it says, “Explorer.EXE this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default programs control panel.” Someone please tell me how to fix this?”


How did this happen?

We often download some files from the browser or copy from other people to our computer, but when the files downloaded to computer, most people will encounter a problem, that is we can’t open the whole download folder or can’t access parts of the file(such as PDF files, zip files and exe files ). About Download Flies can’t open, there are following reasons:

1. The file transfer mistakes in the process of downloading, and make the files damage.

2. The download files carry the virus.

3. You have not installed some corresponding compression software, such as “Winzip” and “Winara”. In order to save disk space, many files on the Internet have adopted the compressed format. When the file download to your computer, if you have not installed the decompressing files, it may cause you can’t access the files.

4. It is don’t match about the download files format and installation program on current computer. So you need to install the matching process to support the corresponding download file.

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How to fix the problem about download Flies can’t open?

If you can’t open the files, you need to know that different format need different tools support. To solve this problem, please check the format of the files first (The format of the file depends on the file suffix).

Method A:
1. Right click the files, and select “properties”. You will see the file suffix (as shown in the figure). Download the corresponding tools and install according to the suffix.


2. If you have not found the suffix. Go to “Control Panel”, and choose “Folder options”.

3. Click “View”, and choose” Shown hidden files, folders, and drives”. And then download the corresponding tools and install according to the suffix.


Method B. If the file suffix is .rar, you can install the Unzip files(For reference only). after that, right-click the .rar files, then choose to Unzip, you will access them.

Method C. If the file suffix is .jpg, you can install the ACD SEE to access them(For reference only).

Method D. If the file suffix is .pdf, you can install the Adobe Reader to access them(For reference only).

Method E. If the file suffix is .exe, you can change the cmd.exe to cmd.com on System32: Click Start menu, type “cmd” in search box, and press the “Enter” key to run it, then type “assoc .exe=exefile” on the dos.

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