Can not uninstall Snagit 2020 completely from your computer? How do i remove this app from my Windows 10 safely? I want it away and won’t mess any of my files on my computer. What is the best way to uninstall it?

A Complete Review of Snagit and Its Beneficial Features

Snagit is a screenshot program or system software program which helps to capture the audio output and video display. It is originally for the MS Windows Operating system, but the latest versions of Snagit also have been available for Apple Mac OS, but only with reduced features. It is made and distributed by TechSmith and was initially launched in the year of 1990. This Snagit system software is available in the different languages such as German, English, Korean, and Japanese versions. It replaces the typical print screen function along with some additional features. If you are going to the new version of Snagit, it allows batch capture of the embedded items such as pictures, links, and also multimedia. All the users can able to set your keyboard shortcuts and parameters to capture the specific types of data that can be stored in the particular folder named catalog by default. This system software will also follow the links in the web pages that capture the particular data from the linked pages. You can also find the accessories like Flickr output to upload the screen captures to the Flickr account that can extend its actual capabilities. You can uninstall Snagit 2020 if you are not happy to use it.

Advantages of Snagit

There is a quick toolbar available in this Snagit software in order to increase capture speed by either allowing the method to be suddenly changed via an option menu or using the last capture method applied. Snagit includes a preview window which shows the zoomed thumbnail of whatever currently the cursor is perched over and the web page catalog maker. This preview window will gather all screen captures as quickly as possible along with the creation of the web page. Whenever you are considering this Snagit system software, it supports the various selection formats including Full Screen, All-in-One, Web Page as the PDF with Links, Copy to Clipboard, Free Hand, Copy Text to Clipboard, and also Menu with Time Delay. The users can also find the capture tool there along with the batch converter which allows any changes of the large numbers of files at once. It can automatically move the screenshots to the section Edit once captured and there they can be annotated, resized, or also given any necessary special effects.
 Whenever you are willing to know about the Snagit Editor, it is the basic image editing program existing in the basic version of the software.

     But Snagit 2020 also includes the same editor along with some advanced features.
     It can be used to make some basic changes to the different types of screenshots such as blurring sections, adding arrows, or cropping.
     Some other features include changing the viewing perspective of the screen captures, adding new images called stamps onto the screenshots, using the eyedropper tool to decide the RGB values of a particular color, adding annotations, and also some other tools to improve the overall look of your screenshots captured.
     Snagit editor is using Fluent Ribbon UI from Microsoft Inc Company.

Although Snagit has a lot of improvements in the latest versions, its powerful features and versatility remain the same. The journalists, presenters, form posters, bloggers, meme creators, IT workers, and anyone who works or plays online can ultimately need to capture what is on their screen. Snagit software from TechSmith is a right platform for all of their jobs. The 2020 version of this app has excellent updates with the new tools, streamlined the interface, and also revamped the available features. The users can able to get the extraordinary experience while using the Snagit 2020 version for its power, flexibility, and also ease of use.

The following are some other considerable benefits of the Snagit screen capture system software including,

    • Panoramic scrolling capture
    • Integrated GIF maker
    • Mobile app Wifi syncing
    • Make and share the custom themed templates
    • OCR functionality
    • Exports to the cloud storage

Snagit system software can always capture almost all types of images and also includes the decent editing capabilities. This is why it has now become the best screen capture software currently on the market because it joins some of the best features in this easy to use software program. Snagit 2020 is for very easy to use, cheap within your budget, and also quick access toolbar is really great in it. Whether you are willing to capture the websites, images, video clips or video games, Snagit software has more tools to help you. This easy to use and intuitive screen capture program can definitely capture almost all types of the images along with some unbeatable editing capabilities. This is why it is considered as one of the best video capture system software packages you can use today among the top collections of the screen capture tools. If you are considering the workflow of the Snagit, it is the most intuitive of all available products you can reviewed. It includes only the simple interface but provides modern feel. It also offers the seamless moving from capturing videos or images to editing or to exporting. Even the people who have below average computer skills can also easily learn to use this software.


The video editing tools available in Snagit 2020 are a little bit basic and there are not enough features.

If you think it is useless and want to rip it off, you can uninstall Snagit 2020 completely any time you want, just follow the removal guides below.

How to Uninstall Snagit 2020 from Windows Operating System

Manually Uninstall Snagit 2020 from Windows 10 Step by Step (For Advanced Users Only)

Step 1: Uninstall the Snagit 2020 from startup.

a) Uninstall this software from Start menu by clicking on start icon, right click on it on the pop-up window, and then click “Uninstall”.

b) Uninstall the Snagit 2020 via the Apps & Features. Just input Apps into search box, then choose “Settings”, and then click on “Apps”, select the software then click on “Uninstall”.

c) Uninstall the Snagit 2020 via Control Panel. Input “Control Panel” into search box then click on it, click on “Uninstall a Program”, click on it then click on “Uninstall”.

Step 2: Manually clean all leftovers from regedit. (IMPORTANT STEP)

*For added protection, please back up the registry before you modify it.*

Check the following folders and delete associated files first.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\xxx
  • C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\
  • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Next, you have to remove all its entries from Windows registry.

Press Windows + R, and type in regedit in RUN box, then press Enter. It’ll open Registry Editor.

Navigate to the Registry key: (You do this by clicking on the plus sign next to each key in the path to expand the path below it. )

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ (For 32-bit system users)
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ (For 64-bit system users)

Kindly Reminder: You are welcome to contact online support if you need any assistance, just click the below button for help.

Automatically Uninstall Snagit 2020 with a Third-Party Uninstaller – Uninstallor (RECOMMENDED)

Step 1. Download and install Uninstallor, launch it and then select Snagit 2020, click on “Analyze Now”.

Step 2. Uninstall Now. Click on this button to start uninstalling.

Select Delete Files and click Uninstall to go ahead.

Step 3. Remove Now. Click this button to remove all leftover files from your PC.


Snagit software program basically allows you to capture your screen in the different ways. You can also select to take the picture of any particular region on your desktop, or your entire screen, menus & also multiple areas at once, or the particular application or window. The users can also have the best ability to import the images from the scanners and cameras. The best thing about this system software program is that you can capture the text from within a specific image also drop it into the text editor. If you are choosing the latest version of Snagit 2020, it includes several new features including the ability to create an image from the template, to create a video from still images, putting an overarching title over the entire lot, and also providing every an explanatory caption.

Kindly Reminder: If you don’t know how to uninstall Snagit 2020 completely from your Windows computer or Macbook, you are suggested to use Uninstallor, which will help you do all things.

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