Does Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Virus block/ lock computers or browsers? How do I go about unlocking my PC from fake Canadian Police block page? Canadian association of chiefs of police virus on Google chrome on a MAC book pro, we can open safari and it works fine, but we cannot close the Google chrome browser, or shut down the computer, how to remove Canadian chief of police virus on mac book pro or mac mini? When my computer has been blocked by Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police then the computer was frozen up and said all my activities have been recorded by the police. It wants me to pay, what does that mean when your computer gets a message that says your computer is going to shut down by the government? Am I in any illegal troubles and only the fine can help me unblock my computer from this CACP message? How to get rid of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police government computer locked notice?

How to Unlock Computer/ Mac Book From Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Virus Scam $100 CAD Warning Message?

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Virus (also known as CACP Virus Scam or Ministry of Public Safety Canada Virus) is a ransomware attack that locks the computer and alerts the user that is it being blocked for its involvement in illegal online activities. It is a variant of RCMP virus that affects PC users in Canada or people who visited to Canada. It begins to install itself immediately after being picked up and changes the system settings and will then lock the computer and display a message that accuses the computer user of violating laws and finally demands a payment for the violation. This kind of virus is called a ransomware, and hackers attempt to extort money from as many unsuspecting users as possible.

The message is designed to convince the users that they have violated multiple laws and they must pay CAD $100 immediately or they will face additional fines and also risk having to serve prison for up to four years. Actually this message has nothing to do with the Canadian police, the hackers use their logos and seal on the warning message to make it look authentic. This virus scares many people into believing that this is a message from the police and paying the ransom is necessary in order to keep them out of trouble and also unlock their computer from Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police virus screen. The hackers demand that the payment must be transferred via ukash, and promise that once the payment is confirmed the computer will be unblocked. However, this is not true, as they have no intention to ever remove the block. Also, from the online victim reports, we know that, many computer users who were attacked by this virus  had already done the so-called fine from the virus page, some of the blocked computers got unlocked, however, it doesn’t mean once the payment is done, the virus can be removed automatically, this Canadian Police Virus can still hide deeply in the computer hard drive. The unblocked status is temporary. This virus can still pop up again in the near future as it had never been removed from the infected computer. This virus can update itself to the latest version if the infected computer is connected to the Internet. When the fake warning message pops up again, maybe the fine can increase to CAD $500 or even more. For most cases of those people who paid the fine, their computers still can be blocked by this Police Virus, once people realized that this warning message has nothing to do with the real local police authority, that was too late to get their money back as the fine is requested to be paid via ukash, which is different from credit card. It is not easy to trace where the money goes for police and computer users as the whole process is made disguisedly.

The hackers really try to apply the pressure and force the computer user to pay the CAD $100 fine within 48 hours. Many people will attempt to close the warning, but it doesn’t go anywhere. There is also no way to use any other feature of the computer. Rebooting in safe mode won’t help either, as the computer is automatically locked at start up, making this look like a real message from the authorities. Since no anti-virus can stop this warning massage, the only way to fix this hoax is manual removal, if you are not computer experts, you are recommended to get support from professional technicians.

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Screenshot of Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Scam (CACP Virus Scam)

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police virus scam

What To Do If My Account Profile Locked By Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Screen?

So, how does the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Virus scam spread to computers? There are many methods that cyber hackers can use to spread this virus to innocent computers. The cyber criminals spread the virus throughout popular file sharing sites that promote the illegal download of music, movie, and program files. They also spread them out pornographic sites and trigger the virus install when the users click on links or pictures that carry the attack. They also use spam emailing as a way to spread the attack to millions of users at a time. The spam E-mails usually were forged to be sent from some legit companies, and  the E-mail content can be phony tracking notifications from FedEx and UPS or other formal business messages. In this way, people who received the fake E-mails can be easily cheated to judge that the E-mail was a real thing from legitimate company.  Once people click on the attachment in the spam E-mail, this virus can be activated  immediately. It can directly occupy the whole screen by the fake police massage. This is why it is important to never open an attachment from a user that you are not familiar with, it can directly make the computer user be attacked by this virus instantly. Under no circumstance should computer user trust those E-mails which have never heard before.

When the warning message is displayed on the computer screen all of the functions of the computer are disabled. The user cannot close the window, nor can they open another web browser window. All applications and programs are also disabled. The warning message displays the IP address and location of the user as an attempt to make it look even more threatening and authentic. The location of the computer user can be listed very specifically, from region to city and even the road that the user live, which can scare the PC user strongly as the user may think the police have already known where he is, so the arrestment is only a matter of time. There is also a limited time showing on the fake police message which urges user to pay before the time runs out. Otherwise, a more severe punishment will come. Afraid of being caught,  some PC users will follow the instruction to pay to hackers willingly once this Police Virus hit their computers as they have no doubt about the truth of the message. As a matter of fact, this isn’t a message from the police, but rather a very sophisticated attempt to extort money from computer users by scaring them into sending money through a prepaid payment method.

Although the message states that once the payment is made through ukash and verified it will result in the computer being unblocked that is not true at all. There is only one way to get the PC unlocked and that is to fully uninstall all of the virus files that have been installed in the system. Manually deleting all of the files is the best way to make sure the job is done right. See below for full step-by-step instructions that will explain how to manually remove all of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Virus files from your computer and regain use.

Best Way to Remove Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Scam (CACP Virus Scam) Efficiently

Before all you people who are going to get in safe mode with networking or safe mode with command prompt, you need to keep hitting F8 key, where is the key?


Step A: Restart computer in safe mode with networking. To do this, just need to press F8 key constantly before the system is started like this:

safe mode with networking

Step B: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the Task manager to stop the progress of CACP virus prism scam. Because the name will be changed fast, it will be show with different name.

Step C: Delete all the files related to Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Virus Scam.

Step D: Delete registry entries of the scam created in computer system.

Video Guide to Remove Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Scam From Regedit

Alternatively, you can view this CACP Virus ransomware removal video guide directly on our website.


PC is locked up with the CACP virus scam asking for a fine to unlock? Many users are tricked into paying this fine and sending the cyber criminals the payment via one of the prepaid methods that the virus accepts. These will change depending on the geographic location of the virus, but some of the most popular prepaid methods are ukash, paysafecard, and moneypak. By accepting these types of payment methods, money can be instantly transferred to the hackers and the users are not able to dispute the payment once it is sent, or after they learn that they have been scammed. Except threatening innocent people to pay the so-called fine, this virus can block the whole system or the browser on the infected computer, which will not allow people to use the computer at all. This is also the ignoble mean the force people to pay. In order to be activated from the startup, this Canadian Police Virus can mess up the whole system by changing the system registry and corrupting system related files once it invades into the target computer. The infected computer will step into a serious situation if this virus can not be removed in time.

The message states that the computer will be unlocked once the payment is verified, but that is not true at all. Once the payment is sent the user will never hear from them again and the computer will remain locked. The only way to regain control of the PC is to fully remove the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Virus from the system. We have provided full detailed removal instructions above. These manual instructions will help the users ensure that they have deleted all of the virus files linked to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police ransomware and allow them to have complete access to their computers again. But manual removal is for advanced users. So YooSecurity professional tech support is the best choice for you.

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