Many smartphone addicts like watching videos and TV serial on our phones, since we can access it anytime and anywhere we want. When it comes to watching videos, YouTube lets you enjoy their videos without ads if you subscribe to the YouTube Red service. On top of ads-free video playing, YouTube Red also allows you to play videos in the background, and save the videos for offline watching on your Samsung galaxy s8. But you should know that you can’t watch anything from YouTube in China.

Why you can’t access YouTube in China?

The China and government need to review the Internet resources, monitoring, filtering, deleting, shielding, or closing of a portion of the content, including some illegal contents and some “negative contents”, so there are a lot of conflicts between YouTube and China. Youtube randomly hinders dissemination of Chinese achievements, progression and endeavors by blocking videos which showcase positive reporting on mainland China and Chinese in general. So China’s attempt to break the near-monopoly grip of YouTube on the global free-to-view video platform, and nurturing local startups like Toutiao, MiaoPai, Bilibili and Youku to flourish. The next social media innovation is going to come from Big Data and the video sharing economy.

To access YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other blocked websites in China you need a VPN services optimized for China.

What is VPN? How is it works?

So let’s understand as to how the virtual private network works. You are already aware how it works out in an organization or area so we will skip directly to the virtual private connectivity provided by companies.

Virtual Private Network providers, almost all of them have their servers or networks issued/made in different nations. So the network of servers of these VPN providers is their private property which is why they can do whatever they want to with it. They encrypt all the data as well as the traffic passing through their network with a 128 bit or 256 bit encryption which is nearly impossible to crack even after hundreds of man hours power. So, this is how you get the ‘Private; part in your Virtual Private Network. Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers internet users with many attractive advantages like to go anonymous, and access Geo-restricted content provides a platform for a high-end security protocol, and safeguard users information and data from hackers, spammers, cyber criminals and shield privacy interference by surveillance agencies and ISPs.

Using VPN on Samsung s8

People using Android devices in the country where is block YouTube need not worry at all, as they are eligible to use Virtual Private Networks so that they can surf YouTube freely without worrying about getting caught. Firstly, the VPN software has to be downloaded on the phone. Once downloaded, the user has to complete the installation process as well. A confirmation email is sent to the user. As soon as the installation process is over, the user can connect to the Virtual Private Network and select a server location according to his choice. With this, users can watch Youtube, without the fear of being caught or their IP address being traced.

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Guides to Access YouTube in China

Step 1: Download a VPN at first

A VPN is a network which lets the internet user change their IP address and make it seem like they are using the internet from a different region or even a different country from anywhere around the world. Most free VPNs have restrictions on how much data one can use in a day, and most of these free VPNs do not work properly in countries with so much of high internet security like China, so it is advised that one pays a monthly amount from their wallet and gets a higher volume bandwidth in the VPNs and can also use the connection properly.

Step 2: Choose between many options of VPNs

As there is a scarcity of properly usable internet websites and apps in China and people are trying to use them by hook or crook, there is a variety of VPNs that has been set up to provide the users of China to let them use the websites. One should do its research before downloading and installing a VPN and also keep the fact in mind that the government can take down any of these VPNs at any moment.

Step 3: Remember to download a VPN protocol

A VPN protocol is sort of a VPN host, and it is needed for letting a VPN connection work smoothly.

Step 4: Installing a VPN

After running a search on the web in China to download a VPN, one should be getting links to install it. Although sometimes a user can’t find a link to install the VPN they desire to install, and at those times, one should try downloading the files from atorrent.

Step 5: Running the program of VPN and also how to choose a country

Once installed, one should run the program of VPN. This is mostly same for all of the VPNs, though occasionally some interfaces are different. There one will be prompted and asked which country to choose, and one should choose a country where Google is not blocked and that way the VPN will set up the computer with a fake IP address which will look to be used from outside of China.

Video guides to show you access YouTube in China on Samsung S8

If someone follows the entire information, then they can easily access Youtube sitting anywhere in China. But make sure that you are choosing the right VPN service provider and not fall into the hands of wrong providers. When installed and connected a VPN creates a separate and encrypted tunnel for your internet data traffic. Whatever you do online is transferred through this secure and encrypted tunnel away from the eyes of snoopers and hackers, however your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see you are connected to a VPN but can not see what you are doing as your internet data traffic is hidden by VPN Encryption. Using a VPN is absolutely legal, unless you don’t use to for any criminal activities. There are misuses of every technology.

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