The firewall of China, popularly known as the Great Firewall of China, keeps a strict track of the activity of the users on the Internet. The Chinese government has banned a number of well-known social media platforms that are elsewhere ruling with their connectivity capability. A number of applications and entertainment sites have been blocked as well so that the country does not have to compromise with the security. Basically, the Chinese Government has taken this extreme step to protect the country from terrorism and safeguard the citizens from hacking or anything that concerns cybercrime. There are a number of features that the social media has benefitted the people with. In short, there are three reasons to tell you why you can’t access Google play services in china:

1. Economic Protectionism – This gave their homegrown companies a shot at developing before they were crushed.

2. Political Control – Since Google is an American company — it would be difficult for the Chinese government to control. With Baidu it takes one phone call and it’s done.

3. Information – Google would then possess a vast amount of data concerning many aspects of China and the Chinese people.

The best ways to access Google Play Services with a VPN

– Register for a premium VPN service or use the comparison tool to find the best VPN for you.

– Set up the VPN software on your computer or mobile phone.

– Link to a VPN server in a neighboring nation that does not obstruct Google services. Those living in China ought to attempt a Taiwan or Hong Kong VPN server.

– Start up your browser and begin delighting in a totally unblocked Google!
While utilizing a VPN is a terrific way of bypassing content and area limitations, you do get what you spend for. Selecting a reputable VPN with rock-solid file encryption, DNS leakage protection, and a stringent no logging policy will provide you the maximum security and privacy advantages of a VPN.

We will take a deep check out the functions of a VPN, and how it has assisted countless people from around the world to prevent political borders and Web censorship to delight in free speech and the undisturbed transfer of details.

What is a VPN? How does it Works?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a technology that helps in creating a secure connection with proper encryption technologies, over a network that is unsafe or not reliable. Virtual Private Network had come into play so that it could grant permission to the users for safety accessing the remote systems as well as other resources. Using a VPN means that the data travels through a tunnel that is encrypted, and only the receiver can decrypt it. VPNs require authenticated users. It ensures a high level of security to the systems connected to networks that are not reliable or secure. The data cannot be traced. There are a few important components required by the Virtual Private Network, as the server of the VPN, the encryption technology, and the protocol. This combination of security helps in confirming the reliability and the secrecy of the data that is transmitted from the user to the destination.

VPN helps in encrypting the internet connection in order to keep the data, communication, location and other private information while a person is online from China. The VPN services allow the users to select an Internet Protocol address from server locations from in and around the world so that the actual Internet Protocol address remains hidden. Virtual Private Networks make use of proper encryption technology so that, no matter what data the user sends over the internet or which websites he accesses, cannot be tracked at all. This in turn also means that they can escape the censorship on Twitter from the Great Firewall while he is using a Virtual Private Network. There is absolutely no need to worry at all about the hackers or the interceptions from the government or the privacy being violated.

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Future of Web Censorship & VPN

Some federal governments and their companies are aiming to create ways to obstruct using VPN and other privacy tool, however as long there is access to the Web, users can find ways to prevent censorship and access VPN for a safe, safe, and confidential web searching experience.

There are nations where utilizing a VPN is considered unlawful, and we have covered this topic in information by comprehending the legalities of utilizing a VPN in China and the UAE.

Such federal governments routinely look for ways to obstruct VPNs and develop new laws to prevent VPN use. The only viable service for residents of these nations is to use a confidential VPN that has the very best file encryption innovations to ensure that your web traffic and VPN use are concealed from VPN monitors or Web censorship filters.

Manual guides to access Google play service in China?

There are 3 methods.

Method 1: Add VPN network from Settings on your phone directly (The premise is that you already have your own server IP to cross China’s firewall)

Step 1. Networks tab >Tethering & networks > VPN >Basic VPN > Add Basic VPN profile.Tap Add VPN network, then enter the VPN network information to match your corporate network.
Please refer to your network administrator for protocol related information regarding your corporate network(s)

Step 2. Enter the VPN network according to the security details you have obtained from your network administrator. When finished, tap Save.

Note: The network name is the name of the network the VPN software is running on – that’s the type of VPN that would be running on your office network. You can get that from the network administrator – along with any password, username and anything lse you need – if the company is allowing you to use your phone to connect to the office network with your phone. If not, you can’t.

Method 2: Use Shadowsocks. Shadowsocks is one of the most stable way to use google. Not only that but you can use Shadowsocks and ProxyCAP64 (They are both free) as proxy tools to play LOL, Hearthstone, CSGO,etc. with your friends in your hometown. It’s opensource, so you can get and use it for free. The only cost you have to pay is to rent a VPS (Virtual private server).

Step 1. Download a Shadowsocks application from app store or website on your LG phone.

Step 2. After installation is complete, the script prompts the following

Congratulations, shadowsocks install completed!
Your Server IP:your_server_ip
Your Server Port:your_server_port
Your Password:your_password
Your Local IP:
Your Local Port:
Your Encryption Method:aes-256-cfb

Note: Be sure it’s status should be “Running”, if not click “Start”. Though it’s very easy, but I do recommend you to build it manually. It will be more useful to you if you want to build other services on your VPS.If you want to use Shadowsocks on your mobile phone, Please contact us tell you how to.

Method 3: Buy a VPN app service

Step 1. Start with setting up a VPN account.
There are a large number of VPN service providers to choose from, many of which are brilliant; some of which are very flawed. It’s a safe bet to assume that the cheapest/free VPN providers are not actually giving you the performance or privacy-protection you want. So you can choose a paid VPN service, go to the provider’s website, choose the plan that best fits your commitment and budget preference, then process payment and confirm your account setup via the email you receive.

Step 2. Then install the VPN software onto the device(s) you want to access Google play service in China.
You will notice in your account confirmation email that you also receive a link to download the VPN software. Click on this link and you’ll be directed to the main download area of the website.

Step 3. Next, open the VPN software then connect to a server location where Google play service is not blocked (for example, a US-based server)
The installed software will launch automatically, so let that happen and your next step is to go ahead and connect to the VPN through a server location of your choice. This is the important part in this whole solution, because based on the server location you choose — your “physical location” will change accordingly to reflect this (i.e. your IP address will change). Thus, you want to make sure to connect to a server that is located outside of China.

Step 4. Once connected, you will be able to access Google play service in China

Video Guide show you how to access Google play services in China on Samsung Phone?

Chinese Government blocks almost all the foreign websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube in China due to strict censorship policies. It is done by using the most sophisticated Firewall in the world. The Great Firewall of China (GFW).To fight this most strict firewall is not an ordinary VPNs job. So all of you who wish to unblock any website in China be careful and stay away from any Free VPN services they are not stable and reliable enough to sustain GFW. Because the technology they use is orthodox now as The Great Firewall of China is very advanced and to beat and bypass it you need a strong and advanced Chinese VPN.

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