I’m unable to delete Boot.Cidex on my computer. Norton keeps detecting the infection but can’t seem to get rid of it either. Does this virus do anything to slow down my computer? How can I make sure my information is not hacked? Can people access my PC remotely without permission? I need to get rid of boot cidex virus now. How can I remove it safely and completely?

Boot.Cidex Virus – Remove Trojan Infection

Boot.Cidex is categorized as a Trojan virus popup detected by Norton lately. It’s very similar to the Boot.Cidox virus which has become a big trouble for many computer users. This type of Trojan horse acts aggressively on your computer once it’s fully activated on the system. It’s specifically capable of stealing sensitive information from the compromised computer and allowing illegal remote access of online third-party to the compromised system via injecting malicious codes on the machine. Although it’s dangerous and nasty as a virus, Boot.Cidex cannot be caught by security programs. Virus creators have enabled the Trojan to escape from many PC protection tools. Through bundling with online unidentified resources, the Trojan virus can get on computers without users’ permissions.

As a Trojan virus, Boot.Cidex virus does not duplicate itself when installed on your computer. But it can hide itself well on the system through many ways. For instance, it can be uncompressed directly to computer memory in order to avoid security detection. It can also rename its files quite similarly to system files by using confusing digits or letters. The Boot.cidex virus acts like a key to the door of your computer. Security and firewall settings on the infected computer can be automatically adjusted by the virus. It actually provides convenience for other computer viruses and malware programs to sneak onto the computer. As long as the Trojan virus is on your computer, troubles will not stop until the virus is completely removed:

Computer runs in a general lack of speed.
Free space on hard drives are taken up by unknown resources.
CUP usage can reach to 99% with few programs running backstage.
Security alerts are popping every once in a while.
Desktop icons are missing.
Internet connection is slow.

How to get rid of this Boot.Cidex virus completely without reappearing?
Can’t get rid of the boot.cidex virus on computer by running antivirus programs? Have you tried several security programs with no success? To delete this Trojan virus from system, manual removal is more efficient than antivirus removal programs. It guarantees a complete removal on the computer. For advanced computer users, therefore, manual removal is suggested and a general guide will be given in the following.

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Guide to Remove Trojan Infection Manually

Step-by-step manual removal guide:
*Special hints: Below are some general steps on how to get rid of Boot.Cidex pop up manually. But as mentioned before, the virus files and locations can change from time to time in order to hide itself deep inside the system. If you are having troubles identifying the files to delete, look closely and pay attention to those similar system files with different paths. This Trojan horse is capable of renaming its files quite similarly with system files. Confusing letters or digits like “1” and “I”, “0” and “o” may be used.

1. Windows Task Manager.

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC; or pull up Run box from Start menu to type in taskmgr
Click on Processes tab
End process of items related to the Trojan Boot.cidex virus
Click on Applications tab
Right click on the items you want to End
Go To Process
End Processes

2. Delete virus files and registries from system.

Click on Start button
Control Panel
Search for “folder options” on top right corner
Click on View tab
Show hidden files, folders, and drives

C:\Users\user name\AppData\local\temp\-
C:\Users\user name\appdata\local\-\cache\random.exe.

Similar video guide to modify Windows registry:


Boot.Cidex Trojan virus has certainly caused lots of troubles for many computer users. This specific virus is hard to remove by antivirus programs although it can be quarantined by security tools constantly. This Trojan virus is able to get on your computer via bundling with the downloads or hiding beneath the suspicious links or popups you visited. It then sets as a startup program of the system in order to automatically activate the virus program every time the infected computer is turned on. Infected system will run in a lack of speed gradually while many security alerts are popping. If you are not able to remove Boot.Cidex virus on computer, sensitive data can be stolen and illegal remote access of third-party can be allowed. To remove the popup, manually process the steps to safely and completely get rid of this Trojan and other potential threats on your computer.

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