Are you looking for the best VPN for Windows 2020? Do you know what are the best VPN services for Windows? VPN stands for virtual private network which establishes a private network. It allows its user to send or receive data from other private networks and it is used on any device like mobile phone, laptops, desktops. It can provide you a lot of benefits in the security, management and functionality of your private network. The main motive behind its invention is to give access to its users and the private companies to some private networks.

For more security reasons the VPN will establish a private connection for their user and open the private sites with a layered tunneling protocol. The user usually need to take the authentication in the form of passwords and certifications to access the VPN. There are many ways in which the users can use VPN for their benefits like internet VPN service. In Internet VPN service the users usually connect their servers with some other country servers and protect their personal identities. For protecting their personal identities the VPN application will take the support of geo restrictions, censorship and proxy servers.

The basic idea behind VPN applications is to connect the user from point to point connection service with the help of some programmed protocols and allow he to use some private sites.

Different VPN Software

There are a lot of top quality VPN applications which will provide you hassle free VPN services:

ExpressVPN – It is a British island based application and the company will perform regular checks for the open servers and the AES-256 encryption so that you will not face any traffic issues while connecting with some other servers. They do not use IP addresses but in place of them they use bandwidths and timestamps.
This application is very easy to use and its network is spread in more than 94 countries. Express VPN allows P2P and torrenting which means this application works fantastically for online streaming and data intensive tasks. The main highlight of this application is it has a very easy way to use the functionality, you can pay with the Bitcoins to get the best quality support system which includes the help on live chat, and it will make this application to be a top notch product and if you are a tech lover then you will love it.
The costing of its one month subscription plan will be 12.95 dollars and it will comes down to 8.32 dollars if you choose to take the 12 month subscription. If you compare it with other applications then you will find that it is the cheapest subscription costing.

NordVPN – It is a Panama software which have a great reputation and have some impressive features in it. The performance and speed of surfing is top quality because they have more than 5632 server with them and they are serving this service to more than 60 countries across the world. Their application will allow you to switch from one network to another within minutes and even their servers will allow you to use Netflix with easiness.

The main highlight of their application is that you can choose the server according to your need if you want to choose the super fast servers or you want to choose super secure servers. NordVPN does not work on bandwidth so there is no restriction in opening any type of file and they have the super easy method to setup it in your windows in 2020. NordVPN uses two layer security system which makes it more secure than other applications. Their application include kill switch which suddenly moves you out of the website if you lost the connection to protect your identity. They will charge a very less subscription money from their users as for a month it will costs you only 11.95 dollars.

VyprVPN – It is a country based VPN service which is related to a particular country i.e. Switzerland. VyprVPN has some super awesome VPN services, and it looks like they have near 700 free servers which are spread in about 70 different locations. They also have a collection of more than 200000 IP addresses which allow you enjoy some powerful streaming and you can even switch from one IP address to another within seconds. These features of VyprVPN will make Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu use a very easy task.
The best part about this VPN application is that the VPN team have their own servers which means they do not use any their party support for connecting their users to different servers. The main highlight about their application is the Chameleon mode which allows you to cross state-imposed censorship blocks. It does not contain any technical processes, you have to do is just install it in your PC and use it. The operations which you have to follow for installing it are easy and simple. If you look its overall performance then yes this application is best for your PC because of its hassle free design and easy to use operations.

Private Internet Access VPN – Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN was a application developed in USA which is also famous for their pro level privacy. They will never face any data stealing and include five levels of surveillance in the data security. PIA VPN also have a wide range of service area as they give their service in more than 32 countries. They also have some great surfing speeds in their application which works fantastically in Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu. The main highlight about is that you can connect ten devices simultaneously and even after connecting with five devices it will give you the same surfing speed.
You can also use this application in multiple devices with a single subscription, which there still is a very good feature in it. VPN software like Private Internet Access VPN is also famous for its port discovery mode, which finds an open network and connects your device with the free Wifi. If you are a daily free Wifi user then this feature will work fantastically for you. The application software of Private Internet Access is very simple in use and setup in few minutes.
Private Internet Access VPN software has three subscription plans and each plan gives similar features. So if you purchase its one month subscription then it will costs you 9.95 dollars and if you go for the annual subscription then it will only costs you 3.33 dollars.
Some of the main highlights of this software are the 24 hours technical support with a fully loaded guide, no logs policy if you are using it in Netherlands, 100 percent money back guarantee if you do not find it suitable or any other valid issue.

VPNArea – VPNArea is a cool VPN software which was introduced in Bulgaria and hostel in Switzerland. It is very strict with its protection and security terms. It comes with AES-256 protection and with kill switch. They will protect you with advance tweaking or if you are using private servers.
This software is highly recommended for gaming and online streaming. Also it is famous for its high speed and smooth performance. The support of this company is very friendly in nature and they will provide you all the informational tips regarding to your problem, but the only drawback is they are only available for limited hours. The setup process of the software is bit critical because the window user needs to give access to every program. This feature sometimes becomes beneficial and sometime it irritates you a lot.
On the other hand some features of this software are bit polished and user friendly. The software comes up with three subscription plans and if you subscribe it for one month then it will costs you on 9.90 dollars and if you want to subscribe it for 6 months then it will costs you 50 dollars. If you like its features and you want to subscribe it for one year then it will costs you 59 dollars so if you are planning for six months plan then we will suggest you to go with the one year plan because you will get 6 month extra by paying only 9 more dollars. They will also offer you the money back guarantee of 30 days.


With the final words we will conclude that using VPN in your PC and laptop is bit critical so every compromise will cause you data stealing and leads your payment information get leaked out. So take a look at the best VPN for Windows 2020 and before using any VPN software firstly read about all the features and become sure about that it will not cause you any data lost. Whenever you are looking for any PC VPN make sure that the software will have proper service support so that you will get proper guidance in any emergency. Do not compromise the quality with the subscription fees.
It is difficult to choose a right software for your computer because there are a lot companies that will provide you some good quality software, this makes it difficult for the user to select one from them. Choose a perfect VPN service according to your need and enjoy the uninterrupted experience of VPN.

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