ES File Explorer vulnerability is recently discovered by a French researcher. ES File Explorer is a file manager and can be downloaded from Google Play Store millions of times. ES File Explorer can help people to connect to the same network like WiFi hotspots by default, select all music by default, fix HTTP vulnerabilities in LAN and other known bugs. Avast statistic shows that over 60,000 users are still using this vulnerable ES File Explorer. And Avast users can use their Avast WiFi Inspector to help check and discover if their devices are still running this vulnerable ES File Explorer on mobile device.

Cyber hackers can use these vulnerabilities to send commands to victims’ devices, like list all files, pictures, videos, auto files, installed apps, system apps and more there.

Users should do:

Immediately update ES File Explorer app to the latest version from Google Play Store

Test and check every mobile device (Android, iPhone & iPad) connected to your home network by using the Avast Antivurs’s built-in Wi-Fi Inspector on a computer.

Keep updating all your apps to the newest version in order to decrease app’s vulnerabilities and avoid security threats.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on February 1, 2019 8:06 am

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