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About Acronis

Acronis is an international technology company mainly developing cloud software for backup, disaster recovery and secure file sync and share and data access. Customers of Acronis range from personal, families to small and medium-sized companied and big corporation. Acronis develops products including Acronis True Image, Acronis Disk Director, Acronis Revive, Acronis Ransomware Protection and Acronis VSS Doctor. Acronis data cloud, Acronis backup cloud, Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud, Acronis Files Cloud, Acronis Notary Cloud, Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure, Acronis Backup Advanced For vCloud and more backup services and products are provided by Acronis. Besides, Acronis provides other products, add-ons and software for Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. Acronis’s backup software is all-in-one, visual, flexible and compatible. Acronis now gives a big discount on Acronis True Image. Acronis True Image is a reliable backup for your data. If you want to restore the whole system of your PC or individual files, you should use this Acronis True Image software to help you back up your data first.

Acronis True Image Plans and Pricing

  • Standard (One-time purchase): $49.99/Year/For 1 Computer. Save 0%.
  • Advanced (one-year subscription): $49.99/Year/For 1 Computer (Save 0%, 250 GB for FREE)
  • Premium (one-year subscription): $99.99/Year/For 1 Computer (Save 0%, 1 TB for FREE)

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Good News. Visitors Here Can Get Best Deal of the Year: 15% Off Acronis True Image 2020 Cyber Protection. Do you know there are lots of data loss events occurr in this year: from record-setting floods, wildfires and tornadoes to countless data leaks to crippling ransomware attacks. For all that, no one but Acronis True Image 2020 delivers the total cyber protection home users need – combining the best in backup with proven cybersecurity defenses in one solution. And there is an amazing discount with up to 50% off for users who sign up Acronis True Image, Acronis offers the best price of the year on one’s easy, efficient and secure solution. It’s powerful protection for customers and a great opportunity for us to help our customers understand why you need to upgrade from backup to total cyber protection. Let us help you more in the process with Acronis True Image 2020.

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Acronis True Image Creates a Reliable Backup

Backup: Acronis True Image uses cloning and mirror imaging to make a backup for your system, and it totally stores all your data for disk migration or system recovery. Disk cloning is a way to create an exact, bit-by-bit replica of a disk on a second hard drive. That means you need to copy the contents of a computer’s hard drive, and then save the contents as a disk image file, next transfer the contents to a storage medium like other computer’s hard drive or USB drive, or a DVD. This method is usually used when people do data migration. It has to boot from a clone by connecting the new drive, required the same space volume for the copied contents. Disk image is also a way to back up data. It can back up all the data of a hard drive to a single compressed file. A disk image is a replica of the whole contents on a storage device like a hard drive, DVD or a CD. The most advantage is that compressed image files will take up smaller space than the original. Acronis True Image uses more flexible data migration. Technical person doesn’t need to shut down and restart using bootable media. What’s more, Acronis True Image is upgraded to give more flexibility. You just need to create a copy on your local or external USB drive, and meanwhile, you still can use your device like PC or Mac.

Store: Acronis True Image first backs up all data into a local drive and then transfer to the Cloud for dual protection, which increase more safety for your data actually. Cloud backup increases one more layer of safety for your data. And it is convenient to use cloud backup because you can access your data and files anywhere and anytime as long as you can connect to the internet. So, actually cloud backup provides people more administration and convenience. Acronis True Image also use AES-256 encryption to keep all your data safe in cloud storage. 256-bit encryption is an uncrackable encryption.

Restore: Acronis True Image can quickly restore or recover the whole system for you. One all backup done well. This software can quickly help you recover the whole system for you. Acronis first protects all your important data and files like your personal photos, family photos, video, and other documents. Acronis True Image recover your data and files, applications and system settings quickly as it has does a replica of your PC or Mac. Besides, Acronis operates their own network for reliable cloud data centers, so that they can give customers the highest-level of security and reliability.

Acronis True Image All Features

Acronis True Image is the most reliable and innovative solution and product provided by Acronis. This solution gives tons of features and technologies to ensure the safety and security of your data. Acronis True Image has more advantages over other competitors actually. Acronis True Image is rated by customers to be the most reliable personal backup solution. Acronis True Image solution provides such innovative and remarkable features as Full image backup, Active disk cloning, Quick recovery / Universal restore, Ransomware and cryptomining blocker, Office 365 backup, Cloud backup and features, End-to-end encryption, Social media backup, Blockchain certification of files, Electronic signatures on files, Acronis Survival Kit, Clean Up Backup Versions, Active Disk Cloning for Mac, Active Protection from Ransomware, Parallels Desktop Backup and more…

  • Full Image Backup

Acronis True Image gives a full set of backup for system files and data. This software uses the disk cloning or disk image to make a full backup for the whole system’s data and file. And Acronis True Image gives a flexible data migration to help transfer your data to new hard drive at a fast speed, you even don’t need to shut down and restarting to boot your bootable media. Acronis True Image uses the military-grade encryption 256-bit to store all your data and files. AES-256 bit encryption is usually used to protect and encrypt important data and files securely. Even the bank also uses this best-in-class encryption. Therefore, all your data of your hard drive will be protected completely secure by this Acronis True Image. Since all data is backed up and stored securely, it is fast to help you restore the whole system for you.

  • Active Protection from Ransomware

Many cyber hackers like to create different ransomware to spread on the internet and then attack the targeted computer or Mac. Once your device is attacked by ransomware, it will first encrypt all your data and display you with a fake warning alert on the screen. You are locked out of the device completely. You even can’t do anything with the device. Ransomware is a kind of the most malicious malware mainly designed to block victims to access their PC, Mac or other device and encrypt all data or system until a ransom is paid. Ransomware can be a catastrophe to a person even the whole company. Acronis True Image has a feature called Acronis Active Protection 2.0 to prevent ransomware form encrypting your files, disabling your network or damaging the whole system. Acronis Active Protection is a remarkable and powerful ransomware protection technology. This technology can often scan and detect patterns in how data files are being changed on a system. Any malicious action will be stopped by this Acronis Active Protection. Besides, this ransomware prevention technology has whitelist and blacklist center to help quickly identify if any unusual condition is infected with ransomware. Acronis Active Protection has a robust self-defense mechanism to block any bad action to destroy Acronis applications or backup file contents. Any strange action trying to rebooting your computer will be soon stopped by Acronis Active Protection. So, all your backup files and data can be protected by this Acronis Active Protection completely from any kind of ransomware.

  • Acronis Survival Kit

Acronis Survival Kit is a useful tool to make your system recovery foolproof. Sometimes, when people do some system recovery, they may forget something crucial but don’t know how to remedy or even there is no way to remedy. However, with this Acronis Survival Kit, it will not leave anything important behind when restoring the system for you. Acronis Survival Kit is an all-in-one tool including everything you need to recover the system, like boot media and all backup files. You just need to prepare an external hard drive then can create a Survival Kit in a few second. Then you can soon copy your system partition or the whole system.

  • Backup Cleanup Utility

Acronis True Image develops this features mainly helping release space on your backup locations like external drives, network shared or NAS devices. This backup cleanup utility can do a thorough, quick and easy work for you. It can delete those files not important even just junk files with a simple click. If you don’t want it to delete ransom files, you also can choose exactly what you want to delete to free up space on your drive. In a word, this Backup Cleanup Utility can check your backup files when it comes to release disk space, and then you can manually choose unnecessary files, and eliminate the files you don’t need any more. Acronis True Image can help free up some disk space for you while making a reliable backup for your important files.

  • Cryptomining Blocker

Cryptomining Blocker is an important technology to block crytomining malware. Now more and more cyber hackers turn eyes to cryptomining malware or cryptocurrency mi’ing malware. Cryptomining malware infects the PC and then hijacks the system resources for cryptocurrency mining without victims’ explicit permission. Cyber hackers first spread cryptomining malware or cryptojacking software or malware components to attack targeted PC, then the malware program soon uses up the resources of computer to mine cryptocurrency. Actually, not only PC but also smartphone and other electronic devices can be attacked by this kind of Cryptomining malware and used by cyber hackers to generate revenue from cryptocurrency mining. Cryptomining malware or cryptojacking not only can steal your data and other personal information, but also can make the whole system stuck because those malware program can take up most computer resources to deal with the complex computational problems then mine cryptocurrencies. Next cryptomining requires a mass of processing power, so your CPU has to be worked overtime. If you have closed all applications or programs on your system, but your CPU is still in overdrive, your PC may have a cryptominer. What’s worse, those cryptomining malware can bring other computer attacks to make system more harmful. Your system will become more vulnerable and get infected with other ransomware or malware things.

Cryptomining blocker is the technology to prohibit Cryptomining malware, or cryptocurrency mining malware or simply cryptojacking. Acronis Active Protection and Cryptomining Blocker can timely stop those threats automatically as soon as they detect cryptomining malware. Cryptomining Blocker working together with Acronis Active Protection can ensure your system and network resources are used by yourself only. You will receive a notification as soon as when a threat is checked on your PC, and then Cryptomining Blocker and Acronis Active Protection will soon remove all malware or malicious software which may be bundled with cryptomining malware or other attacks. And then all identified malware will be recorded and it updates their database timely in order to recognize newest malicious miners. With Cryptomining Blocker and Acronis Active Protection, Acronis True Image not only gives you backup and restore service but also offers strong anti-ransomware especially blocking cryptomining malware solutions to protect your data and backup files, because your system is installed with a strong shield against cryptominers.

  • WinPE Media Builder

It is important to use a media like hardware, USB drive, CD or DVD to back up data and files and build a new system and boot from these bootable drive. Acronis True Image easily helps you to create boot media to recover your system to the same or new hardware. Acronis True Image gives WinPE Media Builder which can quickly create boot media for your system and handle your diver configuration problems, and helps configure network settings. WinPE Media Builder is an excellent and advanced solution to build bootable media based on WinPE which has a strong performance to be compatible with PC hardware actually. You even can get recovery for some lost or deleted files or data when a PC can’t boot normally. Acronis True Image provides such an excellent WinPE Media Builder in order to give customer more convenience.

  • Visual Control of Backups

Visual Control of Backups means that you can easily see and read the status of backups, file sizes, data information, backup speeds, and number of backup version and so on. It is intuitive for you to see how many photos, videos, music, documents, and other personal data are available to recover. Sometimes, when you do system recovery by yourself with other methods, you may not check these detailed information. But if you are using this Acronis True Image, you can view all these data and files directly and clearly. This feature can help us to check which data is useless. If we find some data like photos or files are never used, we can remove it out actually to release more disk space and speed up the system performance.

  • End-to-End Encryption

Acronis True Image can give a reliable data backup and restore to customers one reason due to its strong encryption type. Acronis True Image also utilizes the strongest and most advanced encryption method AES-256 which is an unbreakable encryption method. AES 256-bit encryption was once used by U.S. government to keep their top-important files and documents and other private information. 256-bit is the length of the algorithm which is the longest algorithm. It can’t be decrypted by anyone even not the fastest computers in the world. Even though you group up a team of the fastest computers to deal with this 256-bit encryption, it still can’t work. Since it is the uncrackable encryption, many industries related to data store utilize this encryption method to protect and encrypt data and information for their customers. For example, VPN service providers and password manager providers use this kind of encryption to protect internet user’s personal data and information especially sensitive information like name, passwords, logins, bank details, credit card information and more. It is a strong firewall to block identity theft and any kind of prying eyes for sensitive information. With this AES-256 encryption, whether your data is on-site, in transit or in the cloud, Acronis True Image still can give you completely-secure protection for all your staff things.

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Acronis True Image is one of the most excellent and powerful backup solutions provided by Acronis. This protection solution gives Holiday Discount up to 50% off, which is expired. Acronis True Image is an unparalleled features and technologies. It has Standard, Advanced and Premium plans for customers. Customers can experience these advanced features like full image backup, active disk cloning, quick recovery, universal restore, ransomware and cryptomining blocker, office 365 backup, cloud backup and features, end-to-end encryption, social media backup, blockchain certification of files and electronic signature on files and more. Acronis True Image is not a traditional backup version, but a modern and the newest solution for backup and restore. This product can be used in different devices based on Windows, Macs, iOS and Android. It even can work with virtual machines and social media accounts. You can freely control and manage your stored data and information like photos, images, music, songs, videos and others. You can choose keep the data into an external hard drive, network folder, NAS device, off-site cloud storage or others. Users get Acronis True Image renewed to continue to use this great online backup tool after their subscriptions are expired as Acronis True Image gives more flexibility for users to keep the staff things securely. Users also can see everything they save and recover by checking the status of backups, file sizes, and measuring backup speeds and more. Take an action to get best coupon off Acronis True Image 2020 for Personal Backup & 15% off Acronis Backup for Businesses of Any Sizes when they are still available as they are limited time offer only. (Click any blue buttons to get the promo code).

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