Keeping up-to-date with the news is really hard when you travel around a lot. Especially if you like watching the news instead of reading about it, the choice of online news services shrinks massively. The trickiest is actually to be able to watch the news around the same time it happens, as most online broadcast services aren’t as up-to-date as the evening news. Luckily there is now Livestation, developed by the company with the same name. This news service has deals in place with some of the biggest news providers in the world and you can watch the broadcast live without any costs involved.

Why you can’t access LiveStation in China?

China prefers local companies over foreign firms and often puts restrictions on foreign firms to protect homegrown talent. For example, there is a limit on the number of Hollywood movies that can be shown per year, so only the biggest names come to China and the domestic movie industry and grow. Same goes for the internet. China wants its domestic firms to develop and not get shouted out by multi-billion dollar Giants. In general,There are TWO principal reasons these sites are blocked: fear and protectionism. The question seems to assume that the Party’s fear is the main reason these sites are blocked, but protectionism is just as big a factor.

The CCP will not allow free speech for all the reasons authoritarian states don’t (not the least of which is the Party’s desire to control public knowledge of officials’ assets!). Free speech could present an existential threat to the Party. This reason for blocking foreign-owned user-generated-content sites is often talked about. Protectionism is just as big (but much less talked about) of a concern. Two reasons for protectionism here:

1. The CCP wants to develop China’s own industry rather than feeding China’s users and money to Silicon Valley. It’s about money, jobs, and development.

2. They want to keep China’s infrastructure independent of outsiders. The Snowden leaks make clear why they would want this.

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How to access LiveStation in China?

There is one alternate, i.e. VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is a Program, that won’t show your current IP and will show the IP of other country selected by the user. In short, it lets you pretend that you are accessing Google out of China. The Chinese Government never stated that VPN is Illegal. Now let’s go back to the Procedure to run Google in China through VPN. First of all, open “Baidu”, this is the local search engine. Enter VPN in the search address and click o Search icon. Select the one and download it. After downloading, click on “Run” to Install and after Installing Open the VPN. The homepage will ask you about the country, select the Country, such as South Korea. It means now your VPN will be of South Korea, means you are untraceable. Make sure to select the country nearby China to get speeds faster, recommended option is to choose the West coast of US.

Using VPN on Android

People using Android devices in the country where is block LiveStation need not worry at all, as they are eligible to use Virtual Private Networks so that they can surf LiveStation freely without worrying about getting caught. Firstly, the VPN software has to be downloaded on the device. Once downloaded, the user has to complete the installation process as well. A confirmation email is sent to the user. As soon as the installation process is over, the user can connect to the Virtual Private Network and select a server location according to his choice. With this, users can use Line, without the fear of being caught or their IP address being traced.

Three Best VPNs for accessing LiveStation on Android phone:

There are a number of VPN services in modern times from different regions and countries. Here are listed top three VPN services, in order to access Line in China:

• Express VPN:

It recommends a world-leading service both for computers and mobile devices. Due to its brilliant encryption and impressive speed, it has been termed as the best VPN service provider especially for Windows. This service is very easy to use and can be used by following simple guides for the Express VPN installation, be it a phone, computer or even a tablet. Express VPN helps in encrypting one’s network connection, thereby securing one’s original IP address as well the information shared via the Internet. Besides, one can enjoy watching videos on Youtube or any other website, irrespective of time and place at an amazing network speed.

• Vypr VPN:

This service is the best ever VPN service because of its speed and excellent infrastructure. It is capable of unlocking one’s favorite websites like Google, Twitter or Facebook and can easily sidestep GFW system prevailing in China. Browsing of various websites can be enjoyed devoid of any restrictions. It protects against the cyber security laws of China. Vypr VPN is available for Mac, Windows, personal routers and also Android. One of the setbacks of using this service is that it refrains from accepting Bitcoin.

• Nord VPN

Nord VPN gives instant access to Line, Netflix, ITV, Hulu, Sky, BBC and different other websites that are legally not available for citizens of China. It helps in unlocking few of the social websites thereby allowing to use and share the resources freely with ample security. One can play an active role on Facebook and Twitter without worrying about the leaking of personal information, thereby preventing cyber hacking when Nord VPN is being used. Data and other information are highly encrypted in case of Nord VPN.

Video Guide Show You How to Access LiveStation in China on Android


There are many reliable VPN provider in industry so in order to find the best one, go online and check out the reviews for different VPN services. Make a comparison of the features, costs, security, speed, bandwidth, server location and connectivity protocol. By doing your research beforehand, you can narrow down your options to two or three VPN service providers before making a final decision however please note that your LiveStation account could potentially be cancelled at any time or your could be locked out in some way because although accessing geographically restricted content with the aid of things like a VPN or DNS proxy doesn’t seem illegal, it is likely to be breaching the terms of use of streaming sites to use any service to bypass their restrictions or to lie about your location.

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