1Password, one of the biggest names of password manager, released its new Advanced Protection feature for businesses a week ago.

Advanced Protection will offer business users new security measures to ensure protection for both company and employee. It helps create custom rules to determine how their employees can access the information stored in 1Password, and protect their most important data. With 1Password Advanced Protection which is included with 1Password Business, you can enforce two-factor authentication. Then if your employees add 1Password to a new device, you can choose which second factors they can use. Also, it will let administrators manage sign-in attempts and will give you an overview on any reported, blocked, and failed sign-in attempts. You can set your own company-specific rules for Firewalls to better protect your team. Advanced Protection also allows companies to define a custom policy for character length, numbers and symbols when they choose their Master Password. With all these enhancements, businesses can get a better handle on protecting their business and employees with 1Password.

For more details on 1Password Business, check out the company’s official website here.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on September 26, 2019 9:45 am

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