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What’s 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting?

1&1 IONOS Web Hosting is a powerful and excellent service to provide domain names and different kinds of hosting services to help customers to build websites and manage websites. It provides perfect and the most popular domain names, free email address, private registration and multiple hosting services including Web hosting, Managed Cloud Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Web FTP Hosting. And 1&1 IONOS also provides servers including cloud server hosting, VPS hosting, container cluster. And if you want dedicated solutions, you also can choose from dedicated server hosting and bare metal server. Like other strong and reliable hosting services, 1&1 IONOS web hosting also provide customer with professional hosting service, so that customers can have cost efficiency, power and security. Besides, 1&1 IONOS web hosting service can ensure the complete security of your site as it provides SSL certificates and Norton Security online technology. All these technologies and features can protect your site from virus, malware, snoopers, cyber criminals and other online attacks.

1&1 IONOS Web Hosting Package Overview

  • Business: $1/month for 12 months then just $8/month, billed 12 months in advance
  • Pro: $1/month for 6 months then just $10/month, billed 12 months in advance
  • Expert: $1/month for 6 months then just $14/month, billed 12 months in advance

1&1 IONOS Web Hosting is a perfect hosting service for people who want professional websites with over 500 pages. You don’t need to have a prior knowledge or prepare additional software, 1&1 IONOS web hosting can help do everything for you. You are able to select from a lot of layouts and customize them by yourself. 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting provides many excellent features including scalable performance, HTTP/2, Hybrid technology with Smart SSD, Content Delivery Network (CDN), SSL Wildcard Certificate, DDoS protection, Webspace Recovery, PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3 Beta. Besides, 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting even provides professional solutions for layouts and design. 1&1 IONOS web hosting designs five level of performance. Different levels of performance are different in MAX RAM, processes and memory limit. For example, the performance level 1 offers 2.5 GB Max Ram, 300/min processes and 512 MB Memory; Performance Level 2 has 6 GB Max RAM, 600/min processes, and 640 MB Memory limit; Performance Level 3 has 9 GB Max Ram, 900/min processes and 640 MB memory limit; Performance Level 4 has 15 GB Max Ram, 1200/min processes and 768 MB memory limit; Performance Level 5 has 19 GB Max Ram, 1500/min processes and 768 MB memory limit. According to the projects you want, you can freely choose the plan offered by 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting.

You should select the plan that best fits the performance level you need and even easily upgrades to a different level if necessary. That means this performance level allows you adjust to the better condition you need. You can adjust back to lower performance level. What’s more, it is timely and convenient to check the current status of your projects’ performance by using 1&1 IONOS Performance Monitoring. 1&1 IONOS web hosting even provides secure encryption to protect your website. It uses new HTTP/2 network protocol to encrypt data, and this feature works with multiplexing and header compression. If your website is guaranteed by SSL certificate with this new HTTP/2, your website will load faster than others as its load times are quicker. 1&1 IONOS Hybrid technology is a technology that integrated web server and storage on the same platform. Therefore, 1&1 IONOS web hosting provides the best project performance possible. And all readers here will be able to take the guaranteed 1&1 IONOS coupon and promo codes to get more savings.

1&1 IONOS Web FTP Hosting

  • Business: $1.00/month, Billed annually, then $8.00/month
  • Pro: $5.00/month, Billed annually, then $10.00/month
  • Expert: $9.00/month, Billed annually, then $14.00/month

If you want to a build a website that can securely transfer files and data easily, the 1&1 IONOS web FTP hosting plan is the best package for you, as 1&1 IONOS web FTP hosting can ensure that you can quickly and efficiently upload and deal with large data volumes. It provides different performance level of projects and FTP plans for customers. What is FTP exactly? FTP is a protocol that provides the most secure and reliable ways for website owners to upload and transfer data between server and client. Therefore, FTP hosting service is chosen by most customers who want a safe and fast data transferring on website. 1&1 IONOS web FTP hosting supports FTP working on servers based on Windows and Linux. 1&1 IONOS FTP hosting service will provide different FTP protocols compatible with the server. You should also choose the best project to best fit the type of server. And you should also select the suitable server which best matches the amount of data you wish to store. In this way, the performance level you need can run your project in best performance. You can freely choose the website developing design in order to suit your suitable budget, so you can use this FTP web hosting to make your website develop into what you like. In a word, FTP hosting service can help build and develop your website that has a secure and reliable FTP server. And 1&1 IONOS web hosting gives customer the server that has a big volume and performance to store data and other files information. It’s a perfect choice for people who want a faster uploading and downloading data to use FTP hosting service. FTP hosting services can help customers to build a professional and excellent website to give you the best way to upload and download files to and from the server. If you think 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting is fit for you then don’t hesitate to get it as there are amazing 1&1 IONOS coupon and promo codes available for users.

1&1 IONOS Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Business: $1.00/month, Billed annually, then $9.00/month
  • Pro: $5.00/month, Billed annually, then $11.00/month
  • Expert: $9.00/month, Billed annually, then $15.00/month

Managed WordPress Hosting is an easy-to-use hosting service to host a website. And Managed WordPress Hosting service is best for bloggers, companies, agencies and e-Commerce companies. Managed WordPress Hosting service of 1&1 IONOS provides different packages and plans to help customers and website owners to quickly build and host their websites. This Managed WordPress Hosting service also provides three packages including Basic, Plus and Unlimited to meet different requirement from different people. 1&1 IONOS Managed WordPress Hosting can ensure that all the projects you need get online as soon as possible. It will just take some minutes to make your website hosting online. And it is easy for you to operate with 1&1 IONOS Managed WordPress Hosting to host website and you just need to click several times on your mouse, then you can soon install the newest WordPress version. Managed WordPress Hosting of 1&1 IONOS can provide multiple features like important plugins, themes, and extension for your webspace. In fact, it is the best choice to use 1&1 IONOS Managed WordPress hosting to customize your website. 1&1 IONOS Managed WordPress Hosting service can let you benefit a lot as it provides 1&1 IONOS WP assistant, pre-installed plugins, always up-to-date, ready-to-use templates, 1&1 IONOS app center. Besides, it includes 24/7 support, expert support and excellent 1&1 IONOS community. That means this hosting service not only can give your assistance to finish website hosting with different useful pre-installed plugins, but also can do a regular update. And you can easily use that ready-to-use templates and 1&1 IONOS app center to choose the most popular apps and powerful extension to make your web projects perfect. Ready-to-use templates helps you to customize your site to meet perfectly your requirement.

1&1 IONOS Managed WordPress Hosting gives powerful performance as it is equipped with full SSD webspace, unlimited SSD databases, NGINX, PHP 7, unlimited webspace, unlimited websites, unlimited traffic, unlimited email accounts, content delivery network, 360 GBit/s External Connectivity, 1&1 IONOS SiteLock, Webspace Recovery and up to 2 GB RAM. SSD technology is used to store your database and webspace, which is excellent at improving data delivery. 1&1 IONOS also provides DDoS protection which especially depends on strong NGINX server. NGINX technology can make you enjoy high performance, advanced security and optimal support for multi-core processors. NGINX technology is a new feature developed by 1&1 IONOS WordPress hosting service. Content Delivery Network technology mainly ensure your visitors login your website to get the data from the closest server nearest to their location. Actually, this Content Delivery Network technology can make your website load faster than others wherever corner of the world the visitors are. 360 GBit/s Connectivity feature helps you to fastest access your applications. 1&1 IONOS WordPres hosting service can guarantee your site safe from malware or other phishing things, as it has strong SiteLock technology which can scan all your webpages to detect if there is vulnerability and block malware, unauthorized access and other online attacks carried out by snoopers and cyber criminals. Webspace Recovery can back up and control over your data up to 6 days. If you accidentally delete some data, you still can find them back by recovering it back to the restore points it suggests. Therefore, it is perfect to use this Managed WordPress Hosting service to host your websites. WordPress is the great host service managed by 1&1 IONOS, before you decide to use it or renew it please remember to look up to 1&1 IONOS coupon and promo codes first to save much money.

1&1 IONOS Managed Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud Hosting M: $15.00/month, Billed monthly
  • Cloud Hosting L: $25.00/month, Billed monthly
  • Cloud Hosting XL: $35.00/month, Billed monthly
  • Cloud Hosting XXL: $65.00/month, Billed monthly

Four packages of this Managed Cloud Hosting include managed service, 1 domain free for 12 months, 24/7 support and dedicated resources. But they are different in CPU, RAM, and SSD disk volume. So different plans have different quotation. The Hosting M package just offer 1 vCore CPU, 1 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD disk. The Hosting L package gives 2 vCore CPU, 2 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD disk. The Hosting XL package provides 2 vCore CPU, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD disk. The Hosting XXL package provides 4 vCore CPU, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD disk.

Managed Cloud hosting of 1&1 IONOS is famous for its flexibility and user-friendliness features. 1&1 IONOS just need to deal the whole server setup. And you can do whatever you want to customize. You are allowed to configure the technical features by on your own, and choose your perfect and wanted components or extensions for your favorite hosting. 1&1 IONOS cloud hosting can give regular updates for security, so all necessary security updates will regularly be done by 1&1. 1&1 IONOS Managed Cloud Hosting especially suits for people who just start their business with a small online shop but want heavy visitors. 1&1 IONOS Managed Cloud Hosting can give these people with such requirement flexible customization for their server excellent performance. This hosting service can allow you to scale the resources at any time to timely adjust the service. It has a strong performance in matching your processor performance, memory and data storage to meet your requirement.

1&1 IONOS Managed Cloud Hosting also gives customer powerful performance. In order to best fit your usage profile, 1&1 IONOS cloud hosting provides such excellent and powerful resources including operating system, Web server, database and scripting language. It provides different CPU, RAM and full SSD resources. And all these resources, components, extension and applications can be installed automatically by 1&1 IONOS hosting service. 1&1 IONOS Managed Cloud Hosting can give you optimal resources to match your projects. In fact, easy scalability of your available resources is the most attractive benefit provided by this Managed Cloud hosting service. If you want a high performance and complex website, you can increase resource by increasing the components for processor cores, memory and hard drive volume. If you want to lower the performance, it is also easy for you decrease the resources you have. Therefore, Managed Cloud Hosting gives flexible alters on the resources to match your needed performance.

1&1 IONOS VPS Hosting

  • VPS M: $5.00/month, billed annually, then $10.00/month
  • VPS L: $10.00/month, billed annually, then $20.00/month
  • VPS XL: $1.00/month, billed 6 months, then $30.00/month
  • VPS XXL: $30.00/month, billed annually, then $40.00/month

These 4 packages all offer Intel Xeon processor, unlimited traffic, VMware Virtualization, 400 Mbit/s bandwidth, SSL certificate. The difference is on CPU, RAM and storage. Cloud M plan provides 1 vCore CPU, 1GB RAM and 50 GB SSD storage. Cloud L plan provides 2 vCores CPU, 2GB RAM and 80 GB SSD storage. Cloud XL plan provides 2 vCores CPU, 4 GB RAM and 120 GB SSD storage. Cloud XXL plan provides 4 vCores CPU, 8 GB RAM and 160 GB SSD storage.

With 1&1 IONOS VPS Hosting, you can stop sharing as it uses the strong technology called VMware virtualization which means that the server is yours completely. VMware virtualization is a world leading technology to ensure maximum performance with the most advanced and highest level of reliability and availability. It even can give you an automatic restore if your server or hardware has a sudden failure. Besides, you can see that all plans of VPS Hosting provide the high level and latest version Intel® Xeon® E5 processor. SSD storage is also in a big volume. VPS Hosting allows you to have full control of access to compressive system to manage software, services, users and rights. You may be surprise to VPS Hosting’s other feature called Plesk ONYX which mainly emphasizes on management and processing all of server’s performance and user accounts setup, domains and email addresses. With the help to this feature, you don’t even have to change any interface. It is easy to use and save time much. You can get primary security with this VPS Hosting, as it uses the advanced Redundant technology which can protect your data and other profiles information. Therefore, you can experience the fastest speed in transferring data through this Redundant network technology. It helps you get the fast connections to 1&1 IONOS backbone with 10 GB bandwidth.

Video Shows 1&1 IONOS Coupon & Promo Codes: 80% Discount

1&1 IONOS Web Hosting Summary

1&1 IONOS Web Hosting service mainly focuses on hosting services, so they provide different kinds of hosting including Web hosting, Managed Cloud Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Web FTP Hosting and VPS hosting. Different hosting services have different features and use various technologies. Every Hosting service provides up to 3-4 packages to choose from. Each packages or plans have their features and emphasizes. And you should choose the correct and best-fit package to meet your requirement and the projects. Almost every plans and packages have scalability features, that means you can alter or scale your plan to meet your requirement. For example, if you want to a website with tons of visitors, you should change the original plans. You can decrease down to the condition to fit your requirement. 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting service is a next level performance and give you anytime scalability. They provide customers the fast speed and decrease the load times. It is actually a next level speed as it provides HTTP/2, PHP 7.2 and 7.3 Beta technology to guarantee this feature. 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting service provides the strong and excellent features and technologies to gives customers high security and high privacy on the internet. They use such secure technologies as SSL Wildcard certificate, DDoS protection and geo-redundancy and so on, which can ensure complete security for visitors and you to transfer data and communication. In a word, 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting service provides secure technologies and high performance for customers to use their service with total ease. Hurry up to take the best 1&1 IONOS coupon and promo codes when they are still available to get the biggest savings.

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