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Norton is a famous security service provider worldwide. And now Norton release their new product a VPN tool called Norton Secure VPN. Norton aims at giving a secure, private and anonymous internet environment to customers who need. Norton takes customers’ personal information seriously especially private data like passwords, band details, credit card number, ID number, driver license number, passport number and much more. Norton Secure VPN also has a strict no-logging policy. It is a no-log VPN. In order to protect customers’ anonymity, Norton Secure VPN provides a no-log network completely. That means Norton Secure VPN does not collect or log any information transmitted through the network. Norton Secure VPN uses the military-grade encryption mode to protect and encrypt all internet traffic of customers. Nobody can access the encrypted tunnel to steal your personal information. Users running Norton Secure VPN on their devices can get complete privacy when browsing webpage. Norton Secure VPN devotes greater effort in WiFi security by encrypting personal information users send and receive on public WiFi. So, your personal information and other data will be protected securely when you are connecting public WiFi network. Norton Secure VPN has many different server locations like United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil and much more. Norton Secure VPN will keep optimizing and expanding server locations in order to give customers the best browsing experience.

Norton Secure VPN Pricing and Plans

  • 1 Devices/Month: $4.99 one-time charge (Monthly Protection for 1 Device)
  • 5 Devices/Month: $7.99 one-time charge (Monthly Protection for 5 Devices)
  • 10 Devices/Month: $9.99 one-time charge (Monthly Protection for 10 Devices)

Norton Secure VPN is a No-log VPN

Like other professional and reliable VPN service providers, Norton Secure VPN is also a strict no-log VPN tool. Norton practices a strict non-logging policy on their network in order to respect and protect customers’ online privacy. Norton Secure VPN never logs or collects any personal information transmitted through their server network. Some free and unsafe VPN service will log and store user’s personal information, online activities, browsing histories and other important information in order to get more profit by selling illegally profitable information. They even share user’s information with other parties. In this case, your personal information is exposed to the public actually. So, using a VPN without a strict no-logging policy is a big risk. Norton Secure VPN takes customer’s private information and online privacy more seriously. They never collect and keep such important private information about your personal details, what you browse online, what your download, what payment method you used, what you usually search for and so on. They even don’t care about how much VPN usage you are using. Norton Secure VPN does not create some kind of database to store user’s personal information. Since they do not keep any personal information, Norton Secure VPN has nothing to share with other parties. Anyway, Norton Secure VPN operates logless network, and you can have a worry-free browsing experience when using Norton Secure VPN.

What Device Can You Use Norton Secure VPN on?

You can use Norton Secure VPN on computer, Mac and mobile devices. Norton Secure VPN supports all major operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Currently, Norton Secure VPN has not been developed and optimized to be compatible with other platforms like Routers, Apple TV, Fire TV, Smart TV, PlayStation, Android TV box, and many more. However, their expertise technical team will keep updating and optimizing to meet customer’s requirements and make their Norton Secure VPN software more compatible with other platforms and devices. Norton Secure VPN allows customers to use one single Norton Secure VPN subscription on up to 10 devices simultaneously, but it depends on the package you choose. If you use the 1-device package, you will be just able to use your account on one device only. But if you purchase 10-device package, you are allowed to have 10 simultaneous connections.

Bank-Grade Encryption Mode Used by Norton Secure VPN

Norton Secure VPN uses the bank-grade encryption method which is the same encryption standard used by bank, government, military and other organization to protect and keep top-secret and highly-important data, files and documents. This bank-grade encryption mode has the strongest and longest algorithm in the world, so it is difficult even impossible for the fastest computers in the world to work it out together. Norton Secure VPN uses this band-grade encryption mode to encrypt and shield internet user’s network traffic from internet service providers, government, hackers, cyber criminals, snoopers and other prying eyes. Norton Secure VPN creates a secure tunnel encrypted by this bank-grade encryption between devices and servers over public network, and all your internet traffic, communication info and any personal information will just go through this secure and encrypted tunnel. That’s how a Norton Secure VPN can help customers protect their private information and give complete security online. Bank-grade encryption is a leading and advanced encryption mode, so you can rest assured that your private information keeps secure and private always if you keep running Norton Secure VPN on your device.

Does Norton Secure VPN Offer Many Different IP Addresses?

Like other strong VPN service, Norton Secure VPN also gives people tons of IP addressed assigned by different servers located in different countries all around the world including United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil and more. Norton experts keeps optimizing and expanding their network in order to offer a faster and more stable speed to customers. Building a huge network covering all corners in the world is the goal of Norton Secure VPN and Norton experts. Customers who need VPN tool usually would search for VPN service with hundreds or thousands of server locations, as they want to connect to different servers located in various locations and can freely switch to the server they want. If the VPN providers offers tons of server locations and IP addresses, customers who need VPN tool would prefer. Therefore, actually endless server location is also a selling point for VPN provider. Even though Norton Secure VPN does not offer as many server locations as other well-known and big-brand VPN service providers, it does locate the IP address in these popular locations like United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. So, you can use Norton Secure VPN to access any blocked websites and stream any contents from Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

Norton Secure VPN Makes You Browse Anonymously

Internet users pay more attention to their online privacy and also want to browse anonymously on the internet. Some people may choose the private mode or incognito mode to browse the websites, but it is not so secure or anonymous to surf online. Therefore, many netizens choose VPN tools like Norton Secure VPN to make them browse anonymously on the internet. VPN tool is designed specifically to allow people surf anonymously. Norton Secure VPN is a non-logging VPN, so your personal information and any internet activities like what you browse, what websites your visited, what payment mode you use, what items you usually view and more will not be collected by Norton. You can first get privacy from Norton. Besides, Norton uses the strongest encryption mode in this VPN tool to protect and encrypt user’s personal information. With the protection of bank-grade encryption, nobody can track or store your online activities or location. What’s more, Norton Secure VPN hides your real IP address to make your look like from other location. It changes your real IP address by giving another new one, so you actually have another new identity information like new location, country, ISP and more. Other internet users and websites visited will just see your new IP address not the original one. By changing IP address, you can browse anonymously with total ease.

Norton Secure VPN Blocks Tracking for Ads

Norton Secure VPN has a strong ability to block ads and malicious popups. Sometimes, if you accidentally browse websites with different popups and ads to interrupt your online activities, you will feel very irritated. Some ads and popups are some kind of identity theft and malicious program things in order to steal personal information and data. Identity theft is a serious and aggressive online attacks to target user’s computer and access personal information. Identity theft is spread by cyber criminals and hackers, and some ads even are carried malicious extension and malware thing. If you accidentally click on ads with tracking function, you will be traced and redirected to a fake website which ask you to enter your private information like credit card number, online bank details, ID number, passport number, email, address, phone number and other personal details. If you are fooled to input your personal details as it requires, you will be soon swindled money. Therefore, identity theft is a big threat to online security. Norton takes personal online security seriously and designs VPN tool to have ad-blocking function. Different from other VPN tools, Norton Secure VPN can stop ads and popups by intercepting cookies and removing your identity information. Since the ads are blocked, those websites will not be able to track you and continue delivering annoying ads again. Therefore, Norton Secure VPN with ad blocking attracts many internet users actually.

Norton Secure VPN Helps Access Contents Faster

As well all know that many websites are not allowed to visit in some locations and countries due to the local internet censorship or the geographical restriction. It is annoying if the favorite websites are not able to access. Internet censorship is usually imposed by government, ISP, company, school, university and more to stop people from accessing certain websites and contents. VPN is a kind of tool specifically designed to solve this problem and become more advanced and professional in defeating censorship. Therefore, VPN tool is usually a must-have when people travel abroad or go on an international business trip. Many popular foreign social media, messaging, sharing, streaming sites and apps are especially blocked by different censorship in different countries and locations. This is because these popular social networking sites and apps allow people to speak freely about their opinion and idea, but some terrorist even uses these platforms to spread their dad politics to mislead internet users worldwide. So, many countries and locations would have to block these platform as government has no way supervising these social network sites and apps.

However, it is not convenient for people to use these popular websites to communicate, contact and share things with others on the internet. So, VPN tool like Norton Secure VPN is invented and generated accordingly. Norton Secure VPN can defeat internet censorship and other internet restrictions to help users access any websites and contents from anywhere and anytime. Norton secure VPN can hide your real IP address and assign you a new one, which actually gives you a new identity information, so your virtual location is changed also. Since your real location and identity info are changed, other internet users and websites will just see your new identity information and IP address. Once your virtual location is changed, you can successfully access the websites and stream any favorite contents no matter where you go. You can switch to different server locations provided by Norton Secure VPN like United States, United Kingdom, Canada and more. You are able to stream popular movies, TV shows, programmes, live sport events and others from such popular streaming platforms as Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

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Norton Secure VPN a new-released product by Norton, but it is a high-performance and cutting-edge VPN tool used by peoples all around the world. Norton is a famous company offering internet security service and products like antivirus, antimalware, anti-spyware and much more. They have earned a high reputation in this internet security protection field. Although Norton Secure VPN is a newborn product, it does be designed to be equipped with advanced even best-in-class technologies and features. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Norton Secure VPN pay more attention to WiFi security. Norton Secure VPN utilizes the bank-grade encryption to encrypt the data you send and receive even when you are connecting the public Free WiFI hotspots in Café, hotel, hospital, airport, restaurant and other public place. Because public Free WiFi hotspots are usually a place for breeding cyber hackers and snoopers. You can freely purchase online with your favorite payment methods like credit card, PayPal, do bill transferring, check emails and communicate with friends and so on with total easy even you are using low-security public network. Norton Secure VPN can surely protect and encrypt all your personal sensitive information and any data online. You can enjoy complete online freedom with Norton Secure VPN anywhere, because this VPN makes you access any blocked websites and contents anywhere.

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