Hey folks. The Christmas is coming! With this holiday offer, you can save 20% on YooCare/YooSecurity per incident service (originally .95).  YooCare online repair service has just passed the service mark serving over 5000 customers (and growing at a rapid speed) per week on YooCare service centers worldwide.  Get your computer problems fixed now with our great dedicated service. Is your computer infected or locked by the latest virus such as Internet Crime Complaint Center or the Police Cybercrime Investigation Department virus? Let our professionals to remove them completely. The following testimonial has been just received in our email box. Thanks for choosing YooCare/YooSecurity service!

I’ve been experiencing severe computer problems for about 30 days, and realized that I either had a virus or hardware problems. After trying to troubleshoot my laptop for the past 30 days, I realized that the problem was probably beyond my scope and capabilities. However, being stubborn and convinced that I could solve the problem myself, I continued my ‘self-taught’, ‘Mr. Fix-it’ process. Yesterday, my computer crashed. This was not a simple crash, I was unable to reboot my system! Oh, the thoughts crossed my mind that I would be spending the next several weeks reformatting drives, loading files and reloading all my software. What a pain! Fortunately, I had an image disk that I used for re-booting my laptop, and I continued troubleshooting the issue for the next 12 hours. Today I woke up and continued my repair process. After reading and researching about one-hundred critical error, system generated reports, I finally decided to contact my personal ‘help desk’, professional, guru repair team. I should be rewarded for my valiant effort, but the truth is I wasted so much time and effort just being stubborn. I contacted www.yoocare.com and chatted with Wesker, an online IT support professional. Wesker was able to quickly guide me through the Yoocare process.. Which was 1) easy to start, 2) quick to pay for 2) QUICK to FIX, and guaranteed to work! I paid my one-time fee and Wesker was able to take full control on my laptop, remotely, while I sat back and watched tv. Within ten (10) minutes Wesker was able to analyse and repair my computer. Immediately after that I was back to work full time. The entire process only took Wesker, my helpdesk professional 10-15 minutes. Would I recommend this service to my friends or family? ABSOLUTELY I am pretty computer savvy, but after working to troubleshoot my recent laptop ‘illness’, I have become a firm believe that my investment in Yoocare services was well deserved. Yes, I could have spent another week or two troubleshooting the issue reports, fix-it forums, and talking to my computer vendors – friends, but I realized all that effort on my part was just too much. YES, I AM STUBBORN! Sometimes in life you need to seek the advice of experts, especially when you need qualified, expert experience. Give yourself a well deserved break… Thanks Wesker and the Yaocare team for your fast and professional IT support service. Next time I will not hesitate to call Yoocare first… I’m now even considering a yearly plan so I am no longer the family, computer fix-it, guy. THANKS Wesker, and Thanks Yoocare!

Published by YooSecurity CTO on December 19, 2012

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