This report is sampled from 1251 YooSecurity customers who have been infected by the latest infections. The statics covers users in North America, Europe and Australia. The latest malware like being infected by FBI virus, United States Cyber Security virus and Australian Federal Police Ukash virus has passed the detections of these major AV and anti-malware vendors.  If you have already been infected with the latest malware, you can contact YooSecurity professionals to remove them completely and safeguard your computer from further compromises.

YooSecurity is a security brand of YooCare Inc, who specializes in online PC repair for worldwide users online. YooSecurity provides complete solutions to protect your computer from virus and other malware threads online. All YooSecurity service centers work 24/7 for all of your security needs. YooCare offers various computer services to secure your computer, fix computer problems and speed up your computer performance.

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The latest YooCare/YooSecurity Customer’ Feedback

@Agent Wesker, was beyond believable. this agen was and is ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS. the agent SHOWED EXTREME PATIENCE AND PROFESSIONAL CONCERN AND CARE WITH ME FOR OVER 2 HOURS!!! i was afraid and very apprehensive about using yoocare expecially with the fbi virus on my computer. my last experience with a virus caused my hard drive and back up to crash over and over again. i was very skeptical when i contacted yoocare. i expressed my concerns to wesker who very caringly kept reassuring me yoocare was a safe vehicle and asking me to trust. i persisted with skepticism then entire 2 hours but wesker never got impatient or became exasperated with me. the agent kept reassuring me. i watched this agent operate with confidence and ease, telling me and eventually showing me every step of the way. I can’t say enough wonderful things about wesker. I think i may have accidentally paid twice but i’m not able to verify because my server and network is now frozen so i can’t access my email to check the reference numbers. my alternate email is [email protected]. i need to be contacted on this email. again, WESKER WAS EXTREMELY WONDERFUL!!!! A DEFINITE ASSET TO YOOCARE!! THE AGENT IS MORE THAN A 10……10+++++++++

Published by YooSecurity CTO on January 5, 2013

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