How to Safely Use Your Computer


Do not boost your computer with removable media inserted in the drives or plugged in the ports. Otherwise, your computer could be vulnerable to potential threats.


Do not open an e-mail attachment unless you are completely sure it is from safe and trusted sources, and make sure the installed anti-virus live monitoring is enable.


Configure properly the macro security in the installed programs, if available. Enable macros only for the trusted one.


Install a trusted antivirus program and always update to the latest virus signature to fight against the latest virus such as the blocked computer virus Your computer has been blocked FBI virus, Europol Interpol locked computer virus and United States Courts virus locking up computer asking for $100 dolloars.


Always scan all downloaded files for viruses and other threats before you are opening the documents.


If the antivirus software detects any infections on any files, remove or quarantine the file immediately.


Scan any removable media for any threats. Don't be lazy to invite potential threats into your computer.


Enable the firewall settings in the antivirus program or buy a trusted one if the antivirus program didn't have this.


Stay educated and up to date on the latest viruses and hacker scams. For more information, please visit How to Safely Use Your Computer on a Daily Basis.