Secure with up-to-date Software


Setting up security tools on your home network – the first step in protecting your computer
When you initially set up your home wireless network, you might be so eager to start surfing the web from the patio in your backyard next to your swimming pool that you forget to properly secure your network.


Install Antivirus software to fend off cyber criminals with bad intentions
Protecting your home wireless network is only part of the total computer security equation. You will prevent unwanted behavior on your IP address, but you won’t be providing much security to your computer itself. If you don't have a solid one in place, you may be infected by the virus like FBI locked computer virus scam, the infamous police ransom United States Courts $300 virus scam and Decrypt Protect virus locked computer scam.


Keep Your Personal Information on Lockdown and Only Distribute it to Sites You Trust
Creating an online form that asks for your personal information is really not that difficult. You don’t need a degree in web development to put together a professional looking web site either.


Always Create Strong Passwords and Create Backup Files
Hackers and cyber criminals are masterminds at cracking passwords and gaining access to your computer or network. For more information, please visit How to Secure Your Home Network and Computer.